Construction & Design Resources

The Planning, Design and Construction team supports operations throughout the department by developing standards for maintenance and construction in parks and other facilities.

Download Standard Specification Templates

Denver Parks and Recreation's Planning, Design and Construction team helps develop and update standards for the maintenance and management of our park system. 
  1. Instructions(DOCX, 31KB)
  2. Specification Template(DOCX, 31KB)
  3. Cover Sheet(DOCX, 83KB)
  4. Table of Contents(DOCX, 36KB)
  5. Summary of Work(DOCX, 34KB)
  6. Substitutions(DOCX, 35KB)
  7. Measurement and Payment(DOCX, 35KB)
  8. Schedule of Values(DOCX, 35KB)
  9. Coordination(DOCX, 38KB)
  10. Project Meetings(DOCX, 38KB)
  11. Schedule(DOCX, 40KB)
  12. Submittals(DOCX, 39KB)
  13. Shop and Working Drawings, Product Data and Samples(DOCX, 38KB)
  14. Construction Safety(DOCX, 34KB)
  15. Regulatory Requirements(DOCX, 35KB)
  16. Definitions and Conventions(DOCX, 38KB)
  17. Administration, Procedures, Codes(DOCX, 34KB)
  18. Quality Assurance(DOCX, 37KB)
  19. Contractor Quality Control(DOCX, 43KB)
  20. Temporary Facilities(DOCX, 42KB)
  21. Tree Retention and Protection(DOCX, 77KB)
  22. Erosion and Sediment Control(DOCX, 34KB)
  23. Materials and Equipment(DOCX, 39KB)
  24. Storage and Protection(DOCX, 36KB)
  25. Mobilization(DOCX, 32KB)
  26. Layout of Work and Surveys(DOCX, 35KB)
  27. Construction Maintenance(DOCX, 36KB)
  28. Cleaning(DOCX, 39KB)
  29. Contract Closeout(DOCX, 36KB)
  30. Operation and Maintenance Data(DOCX, 39KB)
  31. Warranties and Bonds(DOCX, 33KB)
  32. Contract Record Documents(DOCX, 34KB)
  33. Standard Forms(DOCX, 36KB)
  34. Demolition(DOCX, 42KB)
  35. Cast in Place Concrete(DOCX, 67KB)
  36. Clearing and Grubbing(DOCX, 38KB)
  37. Earth Moving(DOCX, 60KB)
  38. Excavating and Backfilling Trenches(DOCX, 38KB)
  39. Watering(DOCX, 35KB)
  40. Aggregate Base Course(DOCX, 35KB)
  41. Asphalt and Pavement(DOCX, 46KB)
  42. Concrete Walks, Curbs and Misc. Flatwork(DOCX, 69KB)
  43. Crushed Stone Paving(DOCX, 43KB)
  44. Pavement Markings(DOCX, 41KB)
  45. Playground Protective Surfacing(DOCX, 51KB)
  46. Playground Equipment and Structures(DOCX, 42KB)
  47. Site Furnishings(DOCX, 38KB)
  48. Chain Link Fencing(DOCX, 49KB)
  49. Modular Block Retaining Wall(DOCX, 42KB)
  50. Irrigation Systems(DOCX, 87KB)
  51. Automatic Irrigation Controllers(DOCX, 57KB)
  52. Soil Preparation(DOCX, 49KB)
  53. Topsoil(DOCX, 41KB)
  54. Turfgrass Seeding(DOCX, 54KB)
  55. Native Seeding(DOCX, 96KB)
  56. Sodding(DOCX, 51KB)
  57. Trees, Plants and Groundcovers(DOCX, 68KB)
  58. Tree Transplanting(DOCX, 50KB)
  59. Landscape Maintenance(DOCX, 60KB)
  60. Storm Sewerage(DOCX, 31KB)
  61. Subdrainage Systems(DOCX, 41KB)

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