The Outdoor Downtown


The Outdoor Downtown is a 20-year master plan to provide the City of Denver with a visionary and actionable list of policies, programs, and projects that will make Downtown's parks and public spaces world-class destinations. This vision is being implemented through various projects and programs in the downtown area.

Read the plan for The Outdoor Downtown(PDF, 19MB)

Civic Center Next 100: Park & Bannock St. Concept Design

Located at the heart of the city and surrounded by many of our key civic and cultural institutions, Civic Center has served as Denver’s most significant gathering spot for cultural events, festivals, and First Amendment rallies for over 100 years. It is Denver’s first National Historic Landmark and honoring its history is critical as we envision its future. The project partners are working together to bring the 2005 park Master Plan to life by creating a vision for key features of Civic Center that will accommodate its traditional uses and also encourage daily active use. Learn more.(PDF, 888KB) En Español.(PDF, 864KB)

Anticipated Schedule: 

  • Concept Design + Public Engagement Q1 2021 - Q1 2022
  • Final Design + Public Engagement Q1 2021 - Q1 2022
  • Construction Phase 1: Q3 2024
  • Substantial Completion Phase 1: Q4 2025
  • * Phase 1 Implementation includes improvements to the Greek Theater and Central Promenade

Download the final concept plan(PDF, 13MB)

Public Outreach:

Workshop #1

February 11, 2021

The first public meeting covered Civic Center's history and current conditions and invited feedback from the community on how key features of the area should be used, bringing the 2005 park Master Plan to life.

Workshop #3

September 23, 2021

At the final public workshop, preferred concept designs were reviewed with the community.



Learn more about the Phase I Bannock Street improvements.

Learn more about the Civic Center Conservancy.

If you are unable to access any of the materials presented on this page, please email the project manager to be connected to another resource.

Skyline Park Improvements

The Skyline Park Improvements project is underway! Denver’s Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR), in consultation with the Elevate Denver Bond Program and local stakeholders, is leading an effort to assess, reimagine and transform Skyline Park to once again become an iconic and vibrant civic park at the heart of downtown Denver. This project will create a new vision for all three blocks of Skyline Park and develop a final design for construction of phase one improvements that are funded by the Elevate Denver Bond Program. In alignment with the Outdoor Downtown Plan, this plan will be driven by the foundational goals of a Social, Recreational, Connected, Cultural and Sustainable downtown.

Anticipated Schedule: 

  • Concept Design + Public Engagement: Q2 2020 – Q3 2021 
  • Final Design and Construction Documentation for Phase 1 Implementation: 2022-2024
  • Construction Phase 1: Q3 2025
  • Substantial Completion Phase 1: Q3 2026 
  • * Phase 1 Implementation includes improvements to Skyline Park Block 2 (between the 16th Street Mall and 17th Street)  

Download the project information sheet(PDF, 105KB)


Project visioning and construction of phase one are being funded by the Elevate Denver Bond Program for a total of $2.5 million. 

Public Outreach

Frequently Asked Questions

As part of the implementation of The Outdoor Downtown plan, Denver Parks & Recreation is creating a concept design for all three blocks of Skyline Park and a final design for Phase 1 construction, both of which are funded by the Elevate Denver Bond Program. The three-block concept design will also form the basis of future phases of construction. This collaborative design process will engage the community to reimagine a park environment that better serves Downtown and surrounding neighborhoods.

Why is Skyline Park getting improvements?

Reflecting on the takeaways from the public outreach efforts surrounding The Outdoor Downtown plan, Downtown Denver residents, employees, students and visitors want safe, distinctive, accessible, vibrant, flexible and comfortable public spaces that serve as a daily draw for social, recreational and cultural uses. This feedback resulted in a call to action: “To make Downtown Denver’s parks and public spaces exceptional places that are a daily part of our urban lifestyle and that elevate the city’s standing on the world stage.”

What will make Skyline Park unique?

Skyline Park will be an authentic and contemporary expression of Denver’s urban outdoor lifestyle. The park is ideally situated to improve the daily life of Downtown and surrounding neighborhoods while also offering special amenities and events to attract visitors from the region and the world.

Who is leading the concept design for Skyline Park?

Denver Parks & Recreation is the lead agency tasked with creating a concept design for all three blocks of Skyline Park and a final design for Phase 1 construction. Denver Parks & Recreation will coordinate across multiple city and state agencies during the concept design and implementation phases of the work. Denver Parks & Recreation is also embarking upon a wide-reaching engagement process that invites all of Denver’s communities to participate in the concept design.

How do I get involved?

As someone who lives, works or visits Downtown Denver, sharing your ideas and experiences is essential to understanding the aspirations of our community and implementing the best vision for the future of Skyline Park. Your active participation in the project is critical to its success. Denver Parks & Recreation needs your help to create something amazing. Sign up for project updates, invitations to public workshops and online surveys.

When are the public workshops?

There will be three public workshops held throughout 2020. They will be designed to offer people a variety of ways to learn about the process and provide input. 

  1. Workshop #1: Vision and Goals (Summer 2020)
    Workshop Objectives:  Review findings from existing conditions assessment and evaluation of opportunities and constraints. Solicit input on project goals and objectives and identify current program priorities.
  2. Workshop #2: Concept Design Options (Winter 2021)
    Workshop Objectives: Review concept design alternatives; provide feedback on preferred aspects of each design alternative.
  3. Workshop #3: Preferred Concept Design (Summer 2021)
    Workshop Objectives: Reveal preferred final concept design and review next steps.

How is this project being funded?

The Elevate Denver Bond has provided $2.5 million toward the Skyline Park Improvements Project concept design and Phase 1 construction. The Elevate Denver Bond Program is the city’s 10-year general obligation bond program approved by voters in 2017. This program is critical to improving the physical spaces that define Denver while enhancing safety, mobility and quality of life across the city – both now and into the future. Improvement projects will be constructed across Denver over the next decade, providing long-term benefits to residents and visitors. The main goals for Denver Parks & Recreation are modernizing parks, updating irrigation systems, and rejuvenating recreation centers.

The Skyline Park Improvements project will align with these aspirations while building upon the successful programming already established in the park through the beer garden and ice rink. Denver Parks & Recreation and project stakeholders have a shared goal to create a catalytic spark through reimagining Skyline Park – one that contributes to an active, thriving, and vibrant downtown. The desire is to see the park become a highly active and iconic signature park, a must-see destination for downtown visitors, and a neighborhood park that serves the leisure and recreation needs of downtown and nearby residents.

What other City of Denver projects are relevant to this one?

In 2017, Denver Parks & Recreation (DPR) and the Downtown Denver Partnership (DDP) partnered on the development of The Outdoor Downtown master plan. This visionary plan sets the stage for improvements to and activation of Skyline Park as well as many other improvements to the public realm in Downtown Denver. The Denver Dept. of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) is redesigning the iconic 16th Street Mall concurrently with this project, offering opportunities to better integrate it with Skyline Park. Skyline Park will be developed to better complement and engage the Mall, as well as other surrounding streets.

How will the design process be inclusive to input?

This collaborative design process will engage the community to reimagine a park environment that better serves the Downtown area. Your input will be collected in person at public workshops, through intercept surveys in the park, and through online engagement tools. Each comment will be carefully documented, and your collective feedback will shape the concept options and final design by influencing the programming, activities and physical features selected for the park.

How will this project create a more inclusive park?

One of the main goals for the Skyline Park Improvements project is to create a safe, comfortable, inviting, inclusive and accessible space for all. The concept design process will address ways to increase daily use with a range of activities that will make the park a more welcoming environment.

How is this process assessing the existing components in the park?

The design process will evaluate the  existing elements built through the park’s evolution and will align the future design with the project’s vision and goals.