Westwood Recreation Center

The Westwood neighborhood is getting a new recreation center!
¡El vecindario de Westwood está obteniendo un nuevo centro de recreación!


Potential amenities include an indoor pool.
Las comodidades potenciales incluyen una piscina cubierta.


Activities and programs will be available to all ages.
Las actividades y programas estarán disponibles para todas las edades.


Provide feedback on fitness programming.
Proporcione comentarios sobre la programación de ejercicios.


New youth programs will be offered.
Se ofrecerán nuevos programas para jóvenes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the new recreation center be located?
The new recreation center will be located at the corner of Morrison Road and Walsh Place, which is the former site of a former carwash.

What type of center will this be?
At an anticipated 40,000 square feet, the Westwood Recreation Center will be a Neighborhood Center. Denver Parks & Recreation has three levels of recreation centers that are determined based on size, amenities, programming and hours of operation: Regional; Local; and Neighborhood.

What amenities will be included?
The city will ask for public input via a community engagement process during the design phase to help determine specific elements of the recreation center, based on the project budget.

The new recreation center may include an indoor gymnasium, fitness areas for weight-lifting and cardio activities, indoor pool, kid-watch, multipurpose rooms, kitchen, locker rooms, and outdoor areas for recreation activities and community events.

What is the project timeline?

  • Spring 2021: Launch of design and community input process
  • Summer 2023: Groundbreaking
  • Late 2025: Grand opening

Timeline subject to change.

How will the community be involved?
A stakeholder’s group made up of individuals representing several interests, including surrounding neighborhoods, Denver Public Schools, local businesses and other city agencies will work to ensure that all necessary voices are represented throughout the planning and design process. In addition, a series of public input meetings will be planned to further refine ideas and develop a final building program and conceptual design. 

What will this recreation center cost?
The cost of the Westwood Recreation Center, including land purchase, design and construction is approximately $37 Million.

How was the recreation center funded?
This project is funded through the Elevate Denver Bond Program, approved by voters in 2017 to enhance mobility, safety, and quality of life across Denver.

Stakeholder Committee

More details about the Stakeholder Committee coming soon.

Stay tuned for more information about how to get involved in this project!

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About this Project

The Westwood Recreation Center project is funded through the Elevate Denver Bond Program, approved by voters in 2017 to enhance mobility, safety, and quality of life across Denver. The public input process held in early 2018 to identify the community’s most desired projects identified health and wellness as a high priority throughout the city, with a recreation service-gap in west Denver—the future recreation center will be the first in the neighborhood.

The Westwood neighborhood has been a historically underserved community in west Denver, with some of the highest youth and adult obesity rates in the city, paired with lack of access to recreation facilities and green space. Closing this service gap is one step in Denver Parks & Recreation’s (DPR) Game Plan for a Healthy City to ensure every person has access to safe facilities and dynamic programming.

In addition to numerous opportunities for neighbors to engage in a healthy lifestyle through fitness and educational activities, the recreation center will provide a community gathering space where programs and resources can be more easily accessed.