Temporary Vending Permits

temporary coffee cart in a snowy park
The Temporary Vending Permit provides licensed stationery, non-mobilized food vendors the opportunity to temporarily sell human food and non-alcoholic beverages at designated sites approved by the City and County of Denver. Non-permitted vendors or food trucks are not allowed in or within 300 feet of a Denver park or parkway unless associated with a Public Event or Special Occasion and approved by the permit holder.
Fee Amount
Monthly Permit $200
One Day Only Fee $100

Vending Application & Resources


Vendor Locations

The locations listed below are a comprehensive list of all vending locations we offer - it is not reflective of what is currently available. Interested parties should contact the permit office to inquire about a location's availability. 


Park Name Location
Barnum Park(PDF, 1MB) 4th Ave and Hooker St.
Commons Park(PDF, 607KB) 16th St. & South Platte River
Confluence Park(PDF, 2MB) 2250 15th St.
Denver Skate Park(PDF, 1MB) 19th St. & Little Raven St.
Garfield Lake Park(PDF, 995KB) Arizona Ave. & Newton St.
Green Valley Ranch East(PDF, 1MB) 4455 Jebel St. near playground, by trail
Huston Lake Park(PDF, 873KB) Ohio Ave. & Bryant St.
Skyline Park(PDF, 771KB) 16th St. & Arapahoe St.
Sloan's Lake Park(PDF, 717KB)

W 26th Ave. & Tennyson St.

W 17th Ave. & Utica St. near playground

Swansea Park(PDF, 346KB) 2650 E 49th Ave.
Washington Park(PDF, 11MB)

#1 - Northwest of Smith Lake

#2 - West of Boathouse

#3 - Near Playground

Athletic Fields

Athletic Field Name
Barnum East Ballfield(PDF, 841KB) W 5th Ave. & Federal Blvd.
Barnum North Ballfields(PDF, 849KB) W 8th Ave. & Federal Blvd.
Bible Park Ballfield(PDF, 1MB) E Yale Ave. & S Newport St.
Garland Park fields(PDF, 993KB) E Mississippi Ave. & S Leyden St.
Jackie Robinson Ballfields(PDF, 1MB) Fairmount Dr. & Sports Blvd.
Kennedy Ballfield Complex(PDF, 1MB) E Dartmouth Ave and S Kenton St
Kennedy Soccer Fields(PDF, 2MB) E Dartmouth Ave and S Kenton St
Lowry Soccer Fields(PDF, 1MB)

8200 E Sports Blvd. - Grass Fields

8200 E Sports Blvd. - Turf Fields

Montbello Central Park Ballfields(PDF, 644KB) Andrews Dr. & Crown Blvd.
Montbello Central Park Mixed Use(PDF, 644KB) Andrews Dr. & Crown Blvd.
Parkfield(PDF, 2MB) 15555 E 53rd Ave.
Ruby Hill Park Complex(PDF, 1MB) W Jewell Ave. & S Navajo St.
Val Verde Field(PDF, 1MB) W Cedar Ave. & S Navajo St.
Vanderbilt Park Complex(PDF, 1MB) W Tennessee Ave. & Platte River Dr.
Veterans Park(PDF, 644KB) E Iowa Ave. & S. Vine St.

Outdoor Pools (outside entrance)

Recreation Name Location
Aztlan(PDF, 281KB) 4435 Navajo St.
Barnum(PDF, 458KB) 370 Hooker St.
Berkeley(PDF, 450KB) 5105 W 46th Ave.
Congress(PDF, 589KB) 914 Elizabeth St.
Cook(PDF, 729KB) 1655 S Oneida St.
Eisenhower(PDF, 763KB) 4300 E Dartmouth Ave.
Garfield Lake(PDF, 418KB) 1295 S Lowell Blvd.
Green Valley Ranch East(PDF, 373KB) 4415 Jebel St.
Harvey(PDF, 546KB) 2150 S Tennyson St.
Harvard Gulch(PDF, 459KB) 555 E Iliff Ave.
Lincoln / La Alma(PDF, 450KB) W 11th Ave and S Osage St.
Mestizo-Curtis(PDF, 580KB) 3115 Champa St.
Ruby Hill(PDF, 452KB) 1555 W Mexico Ave.