Forestry Education, Outreach & Resources

closeup shot of a tree trunk


Denver's Office of the City Forester proactively engages in education and outreach efforts to help residents understand the importance of our urban tree canopy and become partners in its growth and resilience. Browse the resources in the following sections to learn more: 

Video Series: Water, Trees, Life

Join the forestry team from Denver Parks and Recreation as they guide us through three stories about the natural world in Denver and a discussion about how we help our urban canopy thrive.




Winter Watering

This winter has been especially dry, so residents are encouraged to water trees on their property when temperatures exceed 40 degrees. Without consistent moisture, trees become stressed and will not have enough energy to ward off pests, disease, root death and crown dieback. 

Water using the flood-irrigation technique: leave a hose on low-flow for at least 15-20 minutes, moving it around the base of the tree every few minutes until the entire root area is moist. It's important to note that tree root systems are wide, so water under the entire canopy.

The goal is to water enough so that it can seep at least 12" deep into the soil to reach the root system. Because the ground is cold, this may take a couple days of watering to accomplish. Let the soil dry out before watering again.

Learn more about winter tree watering.