Forestry Notices & Special Projects


The Office of the City Forester continuously works to maintain the health of Denver's urban forest through targeted projects in various neighborhoods, and by working with other city agencies and vendors to issue necessary permits. Find information on current projects in the following sections, along with public service announcements and other important notices.

October 2022 Contractor Meeting

Download the meeting presentation from the licensed tree service contractor meeting hosted at Central Park Recreation Center on October 28 & 29, 2022:

Monaco Parkway: 1st to 6th Avenue

Diseased Tree Removal/Replacement on Monaco

Beginning spring 2021, the Office of the City Forester will be performing tree work on Monaco Parkway, between 1st Avenue and 6th Avenue, staged over the next 3 to 4 years. Many of the locust trees in this area of the Parkway are dying from thyronectria canker, an incurable disease common in locust trees in our area.

The project will start with the removal of trees in the worst condition and will continue over the next 3-4 years as trees continue to decline. Soon, you will begin to see trees in this area marked with a ribbon to indicate the need for removal and replacement. These trees will be replaced with a mix of species.

We request your help in maintaining the trees through supplemental watering and avoid wounding when mowing or trimming. Should you have any questions about tree care or the upcoming work being done, please email

16th Street Mall Renovation

The revitalization of the 16th Street Mall from Market St. to Broadway is being lead by Denver's Dept. of Transportation & Infrastructure. Find more information about this project.

In preparation for construction associated with this project, tree removal permits will be issued beginning in late March 2022. It is anticipated that a new block of construction will begin every six weeks, with tree removals following that schedule.

Tree Service License Renewals

As of 2021, the Office of the City Forester is no longer accepting renewal payments, nor issuing renewal licenses.

Tree Service Licenses will be renewed and issued by the Denver Business Licensing Center, Department of Excise & Licenses. License holders may choose to renew their license via email/online, in person or by mail. During the last quarter of 2020, the Department of Excise & Licenses will be emailing current license holders instructions for renewal and payment processes.

Find more information from the Department of Excise & Licenses; Tree Service Licenses. 

Winter Watering Notice

During dry winter seasons with little snowfall, residents are encouraged to water trees on their property when temperatures exceed 40 degrees. Without consistent moisture, trees become stressed and will not have enough energy to ward off pests, disease, root death and crown dieback. 

Water using the flood-irrigation technique: leave a hose on low-flow for at least 15-20 minutes, moving it around the base of the tree every few minutes until the entire root area is moist. It's important to note that tree root systems are wide, so water under the entire canopy.

The goal is to water enough so that it can seep at least 12" deep into the soil to reach the root system. Because the ground is cold, this may take a couple days of watering to accomplish. Let the soil dry out before watering again.

Learn more about winter tree watering.