Bike Parks

Ruby Hill Bike Park

At 7.5 acres, Ruby Hill Bike Park features a slopestyle course, dirt jumps, pump tracks, and a skills course.  The slopestyle course and dirt jumps provide lines of varying difficulty from beginner to advanced, with a special expert slopestyle line to challenge and entertain professional riders. 

Two pump tracks -small and large- will provide opportunities for all ages and skill levels, from small children with pedal-less bicycles to seasoned adult riders.  The skills course allows beginner and intermediate riders to test their riding skills on a variety of features designed to improve balance and bike handling.  Additionally, a 1.7 mile multi-use natural surface loop trail around the perimeter of Ruby Hill Park is suitable for mountain biking.

Trestle Skills Course

Trestle Bike Skills Course was built in partnership with Winter Park's Trestle Bike Park. It features a dirt jump line that follows a series of slopestyle wooden features, ranging in size and difficulty for riders of different abilities. The course also includes a small pump track.

Montbello Bicycle Course

The Montbello Bicycle Skills Course was built in partnership with Denver's Dept. of Transportation and Infrastructure and provides residents with a place to practice bicycling and develop their riding skills before hitting the city streets.

Learn more about Montbello Bicycle Course.

Montbello Bike Skills Pump Track

The Montbello Bike Skills Pump Track offers both beginner and advanced riders the opportunity to get more active through play while testing and improving their riding skills. The track provides a line of difficultly to guide riders of all levels throughout the asphalt course.

This pump track was generously funded by a grant from the Denver Foundation.

Montbello Central Park
14255 E Andrews Dr. 80239

Other Information


  • Open daily from sunrise to sunset
  • Parks & Recreation staff have the right to close the facility at anytime without notice
  • Motorized equipment prohibited
  • No glass is allowed in the bike park
  • Sledding, skiing and snowboarding is prohibited
  • Drugs, alcohol and tobacco prohibited
  • Destroying or defacing public property, including the application of stickers or graffiti is prohibited
  • No littering. Please dispose of all trash appropriately
  • Modifications to any element or area within the bike park are prohibited
  • No mobile ramps or other makeshift biking structures are allowed
  • No loud music, use of profanity, deliberately offensive conduct, or any other disturbance of the peace is allowed
  • All riders must stay on designated trails and follow all directional signs
  • A permit is required to hold special events or conduct commercial activity

All other Denver Parks & Recreation rules and regulations apply to the bike park



  • Be courteous to others. Users must be under control at all times. Uncontrolled biking and activities that endanger others will not be tolerated and result in ejection from the bike park
  • Ride within your abilities. Progression is available throughout the park, so start small and try more challenging elements as your skills improve
  • Only one person at a time should use features
  • Stay on trails. Riding off-trail can cause damage to the park
  • Respect all trail closures, wildlife and native vegetation
  • Do not ride when trails are wet or muddy
  • Take pride in YOUR bike park 


  • For your safety, please stay off the designated biking trails. Do not walk on terrain features
  • All animals must be on-leash. Please keep animals outside of the fenced biking area
  • Youth under 10 years of age are encouraged to be accompanied by an adult


When is a permit required?
  • Events: Defined as 51+ people.  Any organization wishing to hold an event at Ruby Hill will need to obtain a permit.  Event approval is at the discretion of Parks and Recreation
  • Groups: Organizations wishing to host groups at Ruby Hill require a permit.  Examples include but are not limited to: high school bike team practice, organized bike club outings and summer camps
  • Instructional Programs: any individual or group receiving payment or compensation for instruction is required to obtain a permit.

Are permits required at all bike parks?

Permits are required at Ruby Hill Bike Park, Barnum Bike Park and Montbello Skills Course. 

How do I apply for a permit?

Download the bike permit request form(PDF, 188KB) and submit to at least 3 weeks prior to your desired date.  Those wishing to hold events should submit the form at least 2 months or more in advance.

Please note, you will need to submit proof of liability insurance with your permit application.

How much do permits cost?
Instructional Programs  1-10 People Additional 10 people
(up to 50)
Denver schools & nonprofits $18.75 $18.75
All other organizations


$37.50  $37.50
Events   Price Closure
51-100 people   $175/hour
(2 hour min.)
 Partial closure
 101+ people  $350/hour
(2 hour min.) 
 Full closure
(Denver schools & nonprofits)
(2 hour min.)
 Partial closure
(Denver schools & nonprofits)
(2 hour min.)
 Full closure
What does the permit cover?

This permit covers use of the bike park facilities only.  If you wish to use other facilities in the park, you will need to submit a separate application to the Parks Permitting Office.

Depending on size of approved events, you may be required to provide additional amenities during the event including portable toilets, trash receptacles, etc.  You will be responsible for prompt removal of portable toilets and trash at the conclusion of the event. 

Upon reviewing your application(PDF, 188KB), DPR staff will contact you to discuss these parameters.

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