District Stations

Police officer with teens

The Patrol Districts protect life and property through crime prevention and community engagement.  The six patrol districts throughout the City are staffed by uniformed police officers, as well as specialized officers and detectives.

Each district offers assistance specific to their area to address the needs of our residents, contact a Community Resource Officer or Outreach Case Coordinator(PDF, 2MB) for more information.

Not sure which police district station to contact? Use our interactive map!

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Language barriers can sometimes inhibit or even prohibit limited English proficient (LEP) persons from accessing assistance and/or understanding important rights, obligations, and services, or from communicating accurately and efficiently in a variety of interactions between the public and law enforcement. This Language Access Policy and Plan(PDF, 202KB) is intended to ensure language accessibility in our communications with the public.

Non-Emergency Line: (720) 913-2000

Dial 911 for Emergencies

Report Crime Now        Report a Vehicle Crash

Cop Shops

Denver Cop Shops are storefronts that place officers in readily accessible commercial areas to aid citizens in preventing crime and accessing police services. The purpose of Denver's cop shops is to provide a convenient place for citizens and local businesses to be able to file police reports such as non-injury auto accidents, thefts, drug activity, graffiti, and gang activity. We also furnish assistance to the public with other matters such as zoning issues, neighborhood cleanup, crime prevention, and traffic problems.

Cop Shops are operated by volunteers who work with the Denver Police Department to assist with citizen complaints, accident reports, and various other activities that would normally require a trip to the district station.

Find out how to become a volunteer at a local Cop Shop.

Find a Cop Shop

Bear Valley
3100 South Sheridan Boulevard
(720) 865-2146

487 South Broadway #300
(303) 722-7884

West Colfax
5094 West Colfax Avenue
(720) 865-2240

2635 Federal Boulevard
(720) 865-2242

West Denver
4200 Morrison Road #4
(720) 865-2260

Leetsdale - Virtual & Mobile COP Shop
P.O. Box 22642
Denver, CO 80224
(303) 329-0500

Community Hub at Northfield - Mobile COP Shop