Recruitment Team

The Denver Police Recruiting Unit, under the Shared Leadership for Institutional Diversity and Equity Bureau, provides applicants with information that will assist them in deciding if law enforcement is a career they would like to pursue. Once that decision is made, we strive to assist applicants through the Denver Civil Service Commission application process and assist all candidates with information to be a competitive candidate and attain the goal of becoming a Denver Police Officer.

Our Team

Technician Jeannette Dominguez

Technician Jeanette Dominguez

I was born and raised in Denver and grew up in the Swansea and Park Hill neighborhoods. I attended Thomas Jefferson High School (Go Spartans). It was through my experiences in these neighborhoods that I realized the need for more role models that look like us, talk like us, think like us and represent us.  As a Denver Police Officer, I have the opportunity to give back to this beautiful city that molded me into who I am today. I look forward to assisting potential Denver Police Recruits who align with our core values; Integrity, Courage, and Service so that the list of diverse role models continues and thrives. 

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Officer Nate Magee

Officer Nate Magee

After serving five years in the United States Marine Corps., I wanted to continue serving my country and community while continuing my education and pursuit towards a career in law enforcement. Eight years later, I am proud to call Denver my home and honored to serve the great members of this community as a Denver Police Officer. Please come join our incredible team today!  

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