Denver Police Encourage Drivers to Cage the (Road) Rage

Published on May 03, 2023

DENVER – May 3, 2023 – The Denver Police Department encourages drivers to Cage the (Road) Rage on Denver’s roadways. With approximately 110 reports of incidents involving road rage according to callers, all roadway users are reminded to be courteous and practice safe, lawful driving habits.

Often, aggressive driving or road rage occurs when a person intentionally drives dangerously impacting the safety of other road users. Examples include tailgating, slamming on their brakes, brandishing a weapon, forcing vehicles off the road, excessive speeding, aggressively changing lanes, excessive horn usage, and more.

According to AAA, approximately 80% of drivers said they experienced aggression, road rage or extreme anger while driving. During a period between March 31 to April 14, 2023, five road rage incidents involving firearms were reported in Denver Police District One. One incident DPD is investigating occurred on April 14, 2023, when an unidentified driver pulled alongside another driver and yelled at him for cutting him off. The suspect then aimed a gun at the victim and drove off.

To curb road rage incidents, the Denver Police Department offers the following tips:

  • Drive respectfully and calmly while following the rules of the road
  • Use turn signals and allow vehicles to merge
  • Acknowledge kind behaviors of other drivers with a wave or polite gesture
  • Refrain from responding to aggressive drivers with offensive gestures or other aggressive behaviors, and avoid eye contact
  • Travel to a safe place away from an aggressive driver, such as exiting the highway or driving to a police station
  • If the driver themself is experiencing anger, try to remain calm and if needed, pull over until the anger subsides
  • Call 911 to report dangerous and/or illegal behaviors

“There seems to be an increase in drivers’ propensity towards anger on our roadways,” said Denver Police Chief Ron Thomas. “While today’s stressors may increase the likelihood of angry drivers, we encourage everyone to drive with civility and give grace to ensure everyone makes it to their destination safely.”