Auto Theft Prevention

The Denver Police Department is committed to reducing auto thefts in Denver by utilizing a data-driven approach to identify areas where auto thefts occur and targeting those areas. 

Police District Stations have tools to reduce theft of vehicles or theft of items from vehicles including license plates and catalytic converters. To obtain tools, please contact the district station that serves your neighborhood. Not sure which police district station to contact? Use our interactive map.


Program Description

DenverTrack registration preauthorizes the Denver Police Department to work with GPS information, provided by a vehicle owner, when a vehicle is reported stolen. Vehicle owners are responsible for ensuring their GPS or other tracking device is maintained and serviceable. In the unfortunate event a vehicle is stolen, the vehicle owner is responsible for providing the location of their vehicle to responding officers. To accomplish this, the vehicle owner contacts their GPS service provider or accesses their Bluetooth tracker app and shares that location in real-time with officers. In certain situations, officers may work with victims to get verbal consent for their tracking service to give real-time updates to officers. At no point are officers able to access any GPS or track/tag system directly. A DenverTrack decal is mailed after registration and should be placed on the vehicle’s driver side window as a deterrent, advertising to thieves that the car will be tracked if it’s stolen.

Tracked Vehicle Sticker - Exterior Placementimage of vehicle and proper placement of program sticker

Participants will receive the above DenverTrack sticker via US mail, for placement on the driver’s side window, as show in the image above. The sticker is a visible deterrent that alerts potential thieves that the vehicle has GPS and will be tracked if stolen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the DenverTrack program work?

To report a DenverTrack registered vehicle that has been stolen:

  • The vehicle owner calls 911 to report their vehicle has been stolen.
  • Vehicle owner informs the call taker that their vehicle is registered with DenverTrack.
  • Once dispatched, vehicle owner provides the responding officer with their vehicle’s tracked location via their vehicle’s GPS tracking system or aftermarket tracking device.
  • Working with the owner, the responding officer will attempt to recover the stolen vehicle in real-time, with the goal of quickly returning the vehicle to its owner and arresting the thief.

What vehicles are trackable?

Each GPS service provider offers different levels of support and response times. Because of this, we can't promise that your vehicle will be easily tracked, so consider hiding an aftermarket Bluetooth device, like an AirTag or SmartTag, inside your vehicle as an additional way to track your vehicle if it is stolen.

Why we need vehicle owner's consent

Without express written consent from the vehicle’s owner, some car companies will not share real time information with law enforcement agencies without a subpoena, which often takes several business days. This is why it is essential vehicle owners fill out the authorization form prior to their vehicle being stolen.

Is there a program fee?

Registration with DenverTrack is free and open to anyone who lives or works in Denver. Tracking device subscriptions and user fees are the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

Getting started

Before registering your vehicle for DenverTrack, your vehicle must be equipped with a functional GPS system or aftermarket Bluetooth tracking device. As proof of registration in DenverTrack, a basic “police report” is generated. An email confirming the completion of your registration will be sent along with your police report number. Again, the police report only documents your DenverTrack registration, and is not a stolen vehicle report. A DenverTrack decal will be mailed to the vehicle owner via U.S. Postal Service. The DenverTrack decal should be placed in the lower portion of the driver’s side window. The decal is not a tracking device.

Registration Form

Filling out and submitting this form confirms the listed vehicle has a relevant telematic, infotainment, car manufacturer, GPS, Bluetooth, or other tracking device within the vehicle. The Denver Police Department will request consent from the registered owner only if the registered vehicle is reported stolen.

As proof of registration in DenverTrack, a permanent report will be generated. An email confirming the completion of your registration will be sent along with a permanent case report number. A DenverTrack decal will be sent to the vehicle owner via US mail. The DenverTrack decal can be placed in the lower portion of the driver’s side window. This decal alerts thieves that the vehicle is registered with DenverTrack and, if stolen, this vehicle will be tracked.

DenverTrack Registration Form 

Help Prevent Auto Thefts

Here are 10 proven ways to significantly reduce the risk of your vehicle being stolen or targeted by thieves.

Auto Theft Prevention Tips

Lock Your Vehicle: Always lock your vehicle, even if you are only leaving it for a short period. Double-check that all doors, windows, and the sunroof are securely closed.

Park in Well-Lit and Busy Areas: Whenever possible, park your vehicle in well-lit and heavily trafficked areas. Thieves are less likely to target vehicles in these locations due to the increased risk of being seen.

Use Visible Theft Deterrents: Install visible theft deterrents such as steering wheel locks, tire locks, or a visible alarm system. These devices can act as a visual deterrent and discourage thieves from targeting your vehicle.

Install an Anti-Theft System: Consider investing in an electronic anti-theft system or a GPS tracking device. These systems can alert you or law enforcement if your vehicle is tampered with or stolen, increasing the chances of recovery.

Don't Leave Valuables in Sight: Avoid leaving valuable items, such as laptops, smartphones, bags, or wallets, in plain sight inside your vehicle. Valuables can attract thieves and increase the likelihood of a break-in.

Secure Your Keys: Keep your vehicle keys in a safe place, and never leave them unattended or easily accessible. Thieves can steal keys to easily drive away with your vehicle.

Be Cautious with Spare Keys: Don't leave spare keys in obvious locations, such as under floor mats or inside the glove compartment. Thieves know where to look for spare keys, so keep them in a secure place.

Be Mindful of Remote Keyless Entry Attacks: Criminals can use devices to intercept the signal from your remote keyless entry fob and unlock your vehicle. To prevent this, consider using a signal-blocking pouch or keeping your keys in a metal container or aluminum foil to block the signal.

Use Secure Parking: If possible, park your vehicle in a secure garage or parking lot with surveillance cameras or attendants. This adds an extra layer of security to your vehicle.

Stay Vigilant: Pay attention to your surroundings and report any suspicious activity. If you notice something unusual or see someone attempting to break into a vehicle, don't hesitate to contact the police.