Lock Out Crime

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Lock your vehicle  
Observe your area  
Close your garage door  
Keep packages and valuables out of sight

The Most Prevalent Crimes Are Also The Most Preventable.

You have the ability to Lock Out Crime by following these three simple steps daily:

Whether it's your home or vehicle, make sure all doors and windows are closed and locked

This only takes a few moments, but will save you time and money.

Double check that your garage door and fence are closed and locked

Even when you are at home, all it takes is a few moments for a thief to steal your bikes, tools, outdoor recreation equipment, or even your vehicle.

Don't leave valuables or packages in plain sight

Remove them from your car when you exit, and make sure valuables like computers and jewelry are not visible from windows or doors in your home. Consider having your packages delivered to your office or a safe, secure delivery location.

Did You Know?

Statistics show there is no better crime prevention than neighbors watching out for each other.

(If you see a package left on their porch,
their garage door open, or any suspicious activity outside of their house, be a good neighbor and let them know.)


 Did You Know?

Your stolen items can increase your insurance rates and decrease your property value.


Did You Know?

The Denver Police Department can help you set up a neighborhood watch program.

 Learn how to set up a neighborhood watch program in your neighborhood today.