Neighborhood Crime Prevention

To assist in keeping Denver neighborhoods safe, it's important to learn about personal safety, how to safeguard your valuables, and to report all crime when it occurs. Learn more below:

Your Home

When Alone in Your Home

  • Keep doors and windows locked to enhance security
  • Avoid sharing your solo status on social media
  • Trust your instincts; if something feels off, take precautions

Exterior Doors

Always keep your home locked when you are away to deter unauthorized entry.

  • Invest in high-quality deadbolt locks for exterior doors
  • Ensure proper installation and strike plate reinforcement
  • Consider smart locks for added control and monitoring
  • Reinforce door frames to resist forced entry
  • Secure sliding doors with additional locks or bars


Many burglars make entry into a residence through windows.

  • Install window locks or key-operated levers
  • Consider window bars or grills for added protection
  • Use window sensors in your home security system
  • Keep trees and shrubs near windows trimmed

Home/Address Numbers

Clear and visible home address numbers are important. They can aid emergency responders in quickly locating your home during urgent situations, ensuring a faster and more efficient response. Home address numbers in the alley are equally important.


  • Trim overgrown vegetation near windows and entry points to eliminate potential hiding spots
  • Use outdoor lighting strategically to illuminate pathways and deter intruders
  • Choose thorny or dense plants as natural barriers around the property
  • Avoid tall plants and fencing that could obstruct the view of your home from the street, enhancing the visibility for neighbors and passersby
  • Larger landscaping rock (golf ball size or larger) can be used to damage your property - consider smaller-sized alternatives

When on Vacation

  • Set lights on timers to create the illusion of an occupied home
  • Have a trusted family member, friend, or neighbor collect mail, newspaper, flyers, and packages to prevent buildup
  • Avoid broadcasting your vacation plans on social media
  • Install smart security systems for remote monitoring
  • Lock all doors and windows before leaving
  • Call your local police station to place your home on vacation watch so that officers can keep an eye on you home during your absence


  • Use timers or smart home systems to vary interior lighting patterns when away
  • Illuminate all entry points, making it difficult for intruders to approach unnoticed
  • Install motion-activated lights around the perimeter of your home and pathways

Your Vehicle

The Denver Police Department is committed to reducing auto thefts in Denver by utilizing a data-driven approach to identify areas where auto thefts occur and targeting those area. Visit our Auto Theft Prevention page to register for DenverTrack and to find auto theft prevention tips.

Your Bicycle

Bike Registration

Registering your bike is crucial as it increases the chances of recovery in case of theft, allowing easier identification and return.

Register Your Bike

Bike Theft Prevention Tips

  • Use a high-quality U-lock or heavy-duty chain for securing your bike
  • Park in well-lit and busy areas to deter thieves
  • Remove detachable components and take them with you
  • Consider using GPS trackers to aid recovery in case of theft

 For more information on bike registration, bicycle auctions, and recovered bikes, contact:

Detective Lance Rushton
(720) 865-0090

Personal Safety

Attitude and Awareness 

  • Always be aware of your surrounding, especially in unfamiliar areas
  • Trust your instincts; if something feels off, take precautions
  • Avoid or limit distractions, such as cell phones and headphones
  • Carry only essential items and avoid displaying valuable belongings
  • Use well-lit and populated routes, especially at night
  • Inform someone of your plans or whereabouts when going out alone
  • Travel in numbers whenever possible, as there is increased safety in groups
  • Learn basic self-defense techniques for added confidence
  • Be cautious when accepting rides or offers of assistance from strangers
  • Be prepared when walking to your home or car by having your keys in hand - move quickly and lock doors behind you

How to Start a Neighborhood Watch Program

Neighborhood Watch Logo

The Neighborhood Watch Program fosters community safety by encouraging residents to collaborate on crime prevention.

Contact your police district station and ask for a Community Resource Officer to learn more about starting a Neighborhood Watch Program. Your Community Resource Officer can help to organize neighbors, establish communication channels, and will provide educational material and instruction on crime prevention techniques.