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2023 Youth Mental Health Summit

10.6.2023 | Tivoli Student Union

In 2022, the City and County of Denver hosted its first mental health summit, We Got This! This summit series comprised two school-based pilot events as preparation and practice events before the main metro area youth-focused summit — by youth, for youth — which included informational sessions, music, mindfulness activities, and a keynote motivational speaker.

The objectives of the We Got This! youth summit events were to bring together teens and young adults from across the state to raise the awareness of the stressors teens face today; provide opportunities to explore a variety of coping mechanisms; increase knowledge of and increase access to mental health services; and to destigmatize the conversation around mental health and elevate the discussion within the community.

The We Got This! youth summit approach was unique, and our documentation guide(PDF, 1MB) serves to inform the standardization and scaling of what worked in the planning and implementation of the summit, and provide lessons learned in the process.

We Got This! May 2022 Summit Video

We Got This! Summit Video

Be advised that this video contains discussion about suicide.



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