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As Denver continues to grow, demand for grocery stores, restaurants, specialty markets, farmer’s markets, and commercial kitchens grows, as well. This demand creates jobs and builds strong local businesses. For entrepreneurs, innovators and small businesses across the city, the food industry is an engine for the building of community wealth and multigenerational economic opportunities. With growth, however, comes increased pressure on our food systems and a greater need for food waste reduction programs tailored specifically for businesses that address food insecurity, safe food handling, and diversion of food waste into composting and creative ways to use up ingredients.

Businesses can join us in these goals by participating in or connecting with our Food Waste Reduction programs and resources:

Engaging Denver Restaurants for Increased Food Donation Activity

DDPHE worked with the Center for EcoTechnology (CET) to perform a stakeholder engagement process related to wasted food solutions for Denver.

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