Health Insurance & Medication Assistance

Most people with HIV (PWH) qualify for financial assistance to help pay for health insurance and HIV medication.

Assistance with health insurance navigation and HIV medications is provided through case management.

  • The Ryan White State Drug Assistance Program (SDAP) helps people pay for costly HIV medications. The program is open to Colorado residents living with HIV and has an income less than 500% of the Federal Poverty Level.
  • Health First Colorado is Colorado’s Medicaid Program. Medicaid provides public health insurance to low-income children, adults, pregnant women, and caretakers who meet eligibility and income requirements.
  • ColoradoPEAK connects people to benefit programs.
  • Phoenix Rising HIV/AIDS Project is a web-based resource that helps PWH independently learn about non-discrimination laws, how to maintain private or Social Security benefits, strategies for money management, and setting goals for work or school.