Emergency Preparedness and Response

Denver Public Health and Environment's Emergency Preparedness and Response develops plans, conducts trainings, and participates in disaster exercises with our city, state, federal, non-profit, and private sector partners to prepare for environmental or public health emergencies or disasters that could impact Denver. These ongoing preparedness efforts serve to enhance the city’s emergency response and recovery capabilities, and develop mitigation strategies to reduce effects of future disasters.

The Department mobilizes personnel with the right skills to respond to potential emergencies impacting public health or the environment including flooding, severe winter weather, fire, tornado, extreme heat, earthquake (yes, earthquake), power outage, fuel or chemical spill, hazardous materials incident, water or soil contamination, air pollution, pandemic (flu) or infectious disease outbreak, acts of terrorism, and many other scenarios. The Department prepares for these types of events in order to save lives, protect public health and the environment, and reduce damage and impact for those living, working, and visiting Denver.

For more information, please visit the City and County of Denver's Office of Emergency Management or the Colorado Division of Emergency Management.