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Empowering Denver’s communities to live better, longer by reducing air pollution and limiting exposure through behavior change, advocacy, and community engagement.

As one of the fastest-growing U.S. cities, Denver experiences significant construction and traffic congestion, worsening our air quality (AQ)—the 14th-worst among major US cities. Only 53% of residents realize the impacts of poor AQ, including that children are more susceptible to its effects, such as decreased lung function and missed days of school. While multiple factors influence exposure to air pollution, schools are an ideal intervention point for sensor deployment, education, and empowerment.

The Love My Air program, in partnership with Denver Public Schools (DPS), is creating a citywide air quality (AQ) monitoring network to provide real-time AQ data—utilizing low-cost cutting-edge air pollution sensor technology, redeveloped with solar, battery storage and data connectivity to make it useful for wide-scale deployment and replicable in any municipality. The Love My Air program is also a Denver Smart City project. 


Denver’s Department of Public Health and Environment (DDPHE) has spent the last two years developing it’s Love My Air program with a goal of empowering our community with hyper local air quality data, cutting edge air sensor technology, education, and community outreach. Through close collaboration and funding from Bloomberg Philanthropies we have refined our idea and are looking to collaborate with other cities interested in the idea.

Partner Schools

Resources for Partner Schools

Download the Love My Air Program Information Sheet for more information about Love My Air programs and resources. 

To request a meeting or presentation at your school, please contact:
Aubrey Burgess, Community Engagement Coordinator

Replication Toolkit

To empower more communities, Love My Air Denver has created a replication toolkit to provide a central location for outreach, education, and public health documents needed to launch the Love My Air program. The replication toolkit is comprised of an Engagement toolkit, Education toolkit, and Public Health toolkit.  

Engagement Toolkit: Documents to help guide meaningful engagement 

  • Newsletter Template 
  • Press Release Template 
  • 3-Month Social Media Campaign Template 
  • Public Service Announcement Template 
  • Letter Template For Parents, Staff, School Community
  • Program Evaluation Template 
  • Low-emissions Event Guide
  • Air Quality Dashboard Guide 

Visual Design Element:

  • Love My Air Brand Board
  • Love My Air Logos - English & Spanish (Available in EPS, JPEG, PNG, PDF) 
  • Love My Air PM2.5 Infographic - (4” x 9” Flyer) English & Spanish (Ai, PNG, PDF)
  • Rack Card (English & Spanish) (Indd, PDF)
  • Love My Air Raw Icons (PNG, Ai)

Education Toolkit

Elementary Air Quality Curriculum K-5th grade & LMA Info

  • Love My Air Curriculum (Kindergarten – 5th grade)
  • Love My Air PowerPoint Presentation

Public Health Toolkit: External resources to develop a nurse toolkit and educational resources, list of items that have been useful by Love My Air Denver nurses.

Nurse Toolkit: Common air pollutants poster, guidance for students with asthma 

  • External Air Quality Education Resources

Anti-idling Campaign Template

  • Anti-idling sign contest outline
  • Anti-idling campaign timeline
  • 3-month social media template for anti-idling campaign
  • Anti-idling Pledge - English & Spanish

If you have questions or comments about the replication toolkit please email 

Interested in requesting a program or becoming a Love My Air Partner School?

Want to join the dozens of other Denver schools committed to reducing air pollution and improving the well-being of their students or just want to learn more about the program?

Love My Air Denver aims to service schools in Denver Public Schools (DPS) who demonstrate high need based on asthma rates and various economic indicators. If you think your school may be eligible, we encourage you to submit a request form. Recruitment for the 2020-2021 school year will start in spring 2020. 

Request a Love My Air Program or to Become a Partner School