Regulated Asbestos Contaminated Soils (RACS)

Graphic of asbestos warning tape

What Colorado Contractors Need to Know

Regulated asbestos contaminated soil (RACS) presents an increased challenge to environmental regulation compliance, construction logistics and contract agreements between general contractors, sub-contractors and property owners. The Department of Public Health & Environment's (DDPHE) Environmental Land Use & Planning (ELUP) program and the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) have designed a process to assist general contractors and sub-contractors awareness in better understanding of environmental insurance and liability coverage, interpretation of environmental assessment data, oversight responsibilities of required environmental personne, and the importance of initial debris identification that may contain asbestos materials. This increased awareness will have a direct reduction in the generation of airborne asbestos fibers and in reducing and/or eliminating the risk of asbestos cross contamination to workers and the public.

ELUP and DOTI have developed an online self-monitored training video (English and Spanish) designed as a series of individual information modules covering numerous topics about RACS management and associated construction logistics issues. These modules present a detailed explanation to the rules and requirements of the RACS regulation, including bidding and contract considerations. The users, general contractor and sub-contractors, will be prompted to take self-paced tests at the end of the video. Upon successful completion of the self-paced tests, the users will receive certificates of completion in the form of a pdf. 

The users are required to view the video and obtain a certificate of completion prior to start of any DOTI project where construction activities containing earth disturbances will occur. DOTI will require all users to provide evidence that the general contractor principals, construction managers, field supervisors and field personnel (those performing soil disturbing activities) have obtained this certification of completion. The users will then be required to submit that certificate to the City as proof of completion.

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