Noise Program

Denver has had a community noise program since 1973 when the Noise Ordinance (Denver Revised Municipal Code DRMC, Chapter 36) was passed by City Council and signed by the Mayor. The Noise Ordinance was enacted to protect, preserve and promote the health, safety, welfare, peace and quiet for the citizens of the city through the reduction, control, and prevention of noise.
Read the full Denver Noise Ordinance (PDF).

Noise Complaints

To File a Noise Complaint, Call 3-1-1

Learn more about the noise complaints process

If you have received an Administrative Citation and wish to appeal, please follow the Board Rules and Regulations Governing Hearings.

Noise Reducing Barriers

For those requiring a structure or barrier as a means of complying with a noise complaint regarding an A/C unit, or similar system, a permit for the structure will most likely be required. The links below will provide good information on the steps you need to follow to obtain a permit for a noise reducing barrier.