Residential Health

two men in protective gear conducting a home inspection

Residential Health Investigations strives to protect, preserve, and promote the safety, physical, and mental health of residents in houses, apartments, hotels, motels, shelters, bed & breakfast establishments, rooming & boarding houses, and more. Investigations are conducted based on complaints. 

Minimum Housing Standard Requirements

Minimum housing standard requirements include:

  • properly connected and functioning equipment and facilities such as toilets, kitchen sinks, bathtubs or showers;
  • proper lighting, ventilation, and heating;
  • safe and sanitary dwellings;
  • supplied utility services such as water, electricity, and gas;
  • minimum space for occupancy; and
  • pest-free living through preventing such pests as cockroaches, mice, bedbugs, mosquitos, etc.

*Hotels, motels, bed & breakfast establishments, and rooming & boarding houses are inspected when a complaint is filed.

Rules and Regulations

If you have received an Administrative Citation and wish to appeal, please follow the Board Rules and Regulations Governing Hearings.