Recycle, Compost, Trash: Collection Schedules and Reminders

On January 3, 2022, collection days changed for many customers as DOTI implements new routes for trash, compost and recycling.  Check below for more information, including Large/Extra Item pickups and recycling. 

Large Item Pickup

Large item pickup service will resume the week of January 30, 2022, and occur once every four weeks on the same day of the week as your regular trash collection day.

View your large item pickup schedule at by entering youraddress in the "Find address or place" search bar at the top of the map or by zooming into the map to find their location. When the map displays your address or location, click the colored box to see your 2022 trash collection day, recycling week, and large item pick up day (e.g. 1 is the first week of the month).

Note that there will be no large item pickup service in January, but from January 3-14, 2022, the city will collect Christmas trees as part of its TreeCycle program.


In 2022, service will be delayed one day following the holidays listed below:

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Monday, January 17
  • Presidents' Day: Monday, February 21
  • César Chávez Day (observed): Monday, March 28
  • Memorial Day: Monday, May 30
  • Independence Day: Monday, July 4
  • Labor Day: Monday, September 5
  • Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 24
  • Christmas Day (observed): Monday, December 26

When your service falls on or after a holiday, your collection will be delayed one day for the rest of that week only. There will be no delays for city holidays that do not impact collection schedules.

For example, for a Monday holiday, collections will be on Tuesday, Tuesday's collection on Wednesday, etc., etc., with Thursday's collections on Friday for that week only.

Missed Collections

Miss your new trash collection day?  Or forget to set out your cart?
Don’t worry!  Call 311 (720-913-1311) to let us know. Then set out your cart and we’ll empty it within 24-48 hours after you contact us.


  • HOLIDAY WEEKS: During holiday weeks, the collection schedule is delayed by one day following the holiday. 
  • BLOCKED OR IMPROPER SET OUT: Sometimes trash or recycling can’t be collected because containers are blocked or containers were set out incorrectly. Check the cart service guidelines to make sure your containers were set out correctly.

If your trash, compost, or recycling was missed (and not for one of the above reasons), please call us at 311 (720-913-1311).

You can also submit a service request through Denver Utilities Online.

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2022 Trash Collection Reroute 

Will my collection day be changing?

On January 3, 2022, about 70% of Denver’s trash, recycling, and compost customers will experience a change in their collection day.   

When do the routes and schedule changes take effect?

Monday, January 3, 2022.

Where can I find more information about my current and new schedule and get more information about my trash, recycling, and compost service?

See the new citywide collection districts(JPG, 9MB)

Online: We will continue to keep this website updated with all announcements.

Mail: In December, check your mailbox for the Wastewise newsletter that will indicate what day of the week you should set out your carts.

Phone: Call us at 311

App: Download the Denver Trash and Recycling App for updates, schedules, service announcements and more.



What is the Denver Trash & Recycling App?

The Denver Trash & Recycling App provides service schedules for trash, recycling, compost collection and large-item pick up by household address. New schedules reflecting new routes and cart collection days will be loaded into the App on January 3. Download the Denver Trash and Recycling App for iOS or Android to get schedules, reminders, service announcements and more.



Why are routes and schedules changing?

Simply put, these changes are taking place to maintain the high level of service Denver residents have come to count on. These systemwide improvements will move drivers through the city more efficiently, will reduce the number of trucks needed to operate, reduce fuel use, and support Denver’s sustainability goals.

It’s also the first time the city has made a change in trash collection in over 15 years. During that time period, the city has grown by approximately 200,000 people. These changes are a good thing and are in response to this population growth.

Will these changes conflict with the Street Sweeping Schedule?

A person’s trash collection day may fall on the same day as their posted street sweeping day. If so, customers have three options for setting out their carts:

  • Option 1: Set your carts on the apron (edge) of your driveway
  • Option 2: Set your carts off the street on the edge of the curb line
  • Option 3:Set your carts on the opposite side of your street

What is my Recycling week information?

Residents can determine which week to set out their recycling carts (A week or B week) by visiting Enter your address in the "Find address or place" search bar at the top of the map or zoom into your location. When the map displays your address or location, click the colored box to see your recycling week.

Once you know if you are an "A" or "B" week, you can view our schedules below that correlate with the day of the week that you set out your trash cart.

2022 Denver Recycles Calendar - Monday A Week(JPG, 354KB)



2022 Denver Recycles Calendar - Monday B Week(JPG, 362KB)


2022 Denver Recycles Calendar - Tuesday A Week(JPG, 361KB)


2022 Denver Recycles Calendar - Tuesday B Week(JPG, 353KB)

2022 Denver Recycles Calendar - Wednesday A Week(JPG, 355KB)


2022 Denver Recycles Calendar - Wednesday B Week(JPG, 356KB)


2022 Denver Recycles Calendar - Thursday A Week(JPG, 362KB)


2022 Denver Recycles Calendar - Thursday B Week(JPG, 362KB)



Still have questions?

Call 311 (720-913-1311).