Denver's Annual Compost Sale

Ever wonder what happens to all those fall leaves and food scraps you set out in your green cart each week? They are turned into compost! Denver residents can buy EcoGro™ Compost at a discount during the annual Compost Sale, helping the city close the compost loop! The sale will run from Friday, May 5, through Sunday, May 7, 2023 (while supplies last). Find location information below and refer to the frequently asked questions for clarification.

You can buy compost bags for $5 per bag* (+ tax). Bags are 1 cubic foot and the maximum amount of bags you can buy is 10. Bags will be available at these participating Ace Hardware locations:
  • Ace Hardware – 9th Ave. (1030 E. 9th Ave.)
  • Ace Hardware – 12th Ave. (2640 E. 12th Ave.) 
  • Ace Hardware – Ace on the Fax (7100 E. Colfax Ave.)
  • Ace Hardware – Chamber’s Place (4830 Chambers Rd.)
  • Ace Hardware – Cherry Creek (1417 S. Holly St.)  
  • Ace Hardware – University Hills (2500 S. Colorado Blvd.)
  • See a list of participating Ace Hardware locations outside of Denver City limits here.

*The sale of these bags are an Ace Hardware exclusive.

You can buy bulk compost ONLY Saturday, May 6, from 8:00 am - 1:00 pm for $33 per cubic yard (+ tax) at these participating A1 Organics sites:

  • A1 Organics – Commerce City* (9109 Monaco St., Henderson, CO 80640)
  • A1 Organics – Sheridan* (2300 Radcliff Ave., Sheridan, CO 80110) 

*Trucks and trailers ONLY. Minimum bulk purchase of one cubic yard. Free loader service.

As a reminder for this event:

  • The Compost Sale event is separate from the Mulch Giveaway this year but does occur over the same weekend. Find details about the Mulch Giveaway at
  • If purchasing bulk compost from A1 Organics locations, remember to bring a tarp and other necessary equipment to safely cover and secure your truck bed or trailer load.  
  • Commercial entities are prohibited from purchasing compost from this event.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's different about this year’s event?

This year the ‘Compost Sale’ is separate from the ‘Mulch Giveaway.’ For details about the Mulch Giveaway, please visit

How much does this compost cost outside of this event?

Outside of this Compost Sale event, this same compost is available at the regular retail price $7.99 per bag at all participating metro area Ace Hardware stores and is available for $38 per cubic yard at both of A1 Organics’ Denver area retail yards.

Is there ‘dig-your-own’ compost offered at this event?

No. There is no ‘dig-your-own’ compost option at this event. Bags of compost are available at Ace Hardware locations and bulk compost is sold by the cubic yard at A1 Organics locations (loaded into your truck or trailer using a front-end loader). 

Can I get bags of Denver's Own EcoGro™ Compost at Ace Hardware stores other than the stores included in this event?

Yes, Denver's Own EcoGro™ Compost bags are always available at participating Ace Hardware stores for $7.99 per bag. The stores included in this weekend event are offering the $5 pricing for the Compost Sale event.  

How much compost do I need?

A1 Organics has a great compost calculator located on their website. Be sure to set the product to “EcoGro” and the calculator will let you know how many cubic yards or bags of Denver’s Own EcoGro™ Compost you will need for your project.  

The average Denver Urban Gardens (DUG) community garden plot is 10’ x 15.’ You would need 3 bags of Denver’s Own EcoGro™ Compost to cover the plot with ¼” of compost, or, 12 bags to cover it with 1” of compost. 

How much does compost weigh?

Compost is heavy! One bag or cubic foot of compost weighs between 35-40 pounds. If you buy ten bags, that’s up to 400 pounds of compost in your car! One cubic yard (which is the same volume as 27 bags of compost) weighs roughly 1,100 pounds. A1 Organics’ compost calculator can calculate this for you.  

Compost Calculator

I don’t live in Denver. Can I still support closing the compost loop?

Yes! Several Ace Hardware stores outside of Denver City limits are participating in the Compost Sale event and offering bags of Denver’s Own EcoGro™ Compost for $5 per bag during this weekend event, while supplies last.  

Here's list of Ace Hardware locations outside of Denver City limits:

  • Ace Hardware – A&A Tradin' Post: 4509 S. Broadway, Englewood, CO
  • Ace Hardware – Big Tool Box Centennial: 8080 S Holly St., Centennial, CO
  • Ace Hardware – Big Tool Box Parker: 19850 Cockriel Dr., Parker, CO
  • Ace Hardware – Buckley Square: 17190 E. Iliff Ave., Ste B-1 Aurora, CO
  • Ace Hardware – Coal Creek: 1343 E. South Boulder Rd., Louisville, CO
  • Ace Hardware – Country Ace: 627 W. Agate Ave., Granby, CO
  • Ace Hardware – Edgewater: 1719 Sheridan Blvd., Edgewater, CO
  • Ace Hardware – Golden: 17720 S Golden Rd., Golden, CO
  • Ace Hardware – Highlands Ranch: 9579 S. University Blvd., Highlands Ranch, CO 
  • Ace Hardware – Hidden Lake: 5005 W. 72nd Ave., Westminster, CO
  • Ace Hardware – Lake Ridge: 2563 Kipling St., Lakewood, CO
  • Ace Hardware – Moore Lumber: 1335 Park St., Castle Rock, CO
  • Ace Hardware – Mile High Ace: 2700 W. 104th Ave., Federal Heights, CO 
  • Ace Hardware – Standley Shores: 9979 Wadsworth Pkwy, Ste 200. Westminster, CO
  • Ace Hardware – Thornton: 3851 E 120th Ave., Thornton, CO