Denver's Annual Compost Sale

Ever wonder what happens to all those fall leaves and food scraps you set out in your green cart each week? They’re turned into compost! Denver residents can buy compost at a discount during the annual Compost Sale and help Denver close the compost loop! Please check back in spring 2023 for details about the 2023 Denver Compost Sale!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's different about this year’s event?

This year the ‘Compost Sale’ is separate from the ‘Mulch Giveaway.’ For details about the Mulch Giveaway, please visit

How much does this compost cost outside of this event?

Outside of this Compost Sale event, this same compost is available at the regular retail price $7.99 per bag at all participating metro area Ace Hardware stores and is available for $35 per cubic yard at both of A1 Organics’ Denver area retail yards. 

Is there ‘dig-your-own’ compost offered at this event?

No. There is no ‘dig-your-own’ compost option at this event. Bags of compost are available at Ace Hardware locations and bulk compost is sold by the cubic yard at A1 Organics locations (loaded into your truck or trailer using a front-end loader).  

Can I get bags of Denver's Own EcoGro Compost at Ace Hardware stores other than the stores included in this event?

Yes, Denver's Own EcoGro Compost bags are always available at participating Ace Hardware stores for $7.99 per bag. The stores included in this weekend event are offering the $5 pricing for the Compost Sale event.  

How much compost do I need?

The average Denver Urban Gardens (DUG) community garden plot is 10’ x 15.’ You would need 3 bags of Denver’s Own EcoGro™ Compost to cover the plot with ¼” of compost, or, 12 bags to cover it with 1” of compost.

Please use this compost calculator if you have additional questions about how much compost you will need for your project.

How much does compost weigh?

Compost is heavy! One bag or cubic foot of compost weighs between 35-40 pounds. If you buy ten bags, that’s up to 400 pounds of compost in your car! One cubic yard (which is the same volume as 27 bags of compost) weighs roughly 1,100 pounds. A1 Organics’ compost calculator can calculate this for you.  

Compost Calculator

I'm a Denver Composts customer. Why don't I get free compost?

It takes resources to turn our waste (food scraps and yard debris) into a resource (compost) that you can use in our yards. The fees collected for the Denver Composts program cover the costs of:
  • Providing customers with a green compost collection cart and kitchen pail
  • Collecting organic material from Denver homes
  • Transporting this material to the compost processor, and
  • Composting
If Denver Composts were to offer compost to program participants, this cost would have to be passed along to the consumer in the form of a higher subscription fee. To keep costs low, Denver Recycles has chosen not to provide finished compost to its customers free of charge. Denver Composts' customers may purchase discounted bulk and pre-bagged compost at the annual Compost Sale. Outside of this weekend event where compost is offered at a discounted rate, you can purchase compost at regular retail pricing throughout the season. Find pre-bagged EcoGro™ Compost at participating metro-area Ace Hardware stores. You can find bulk compost at A1 Organics' retail yards.