Mulch Giveaway: Thank you for a wonderful 2023 Mulch Giveaway.

THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL 2023 MULCH GIVEAWAY!  SEE YOU NEXT YEAR. The annual Mulch Giveaway provides a great opportunity for Denver residents to save money on landscaping and to keep recycled materials utilized locally. Denver residents may pick up free mulch at this event. The mulch for this event is made from ground up Christmas trees collected through the Treecycle program.

2023 Mulch Giveaway

Thank you for a wonderful 2023 Mulch Giveaway! See you next year.

FREE Dig-Your-Own Mulch sites — Remember to bring your own shovel!

  • Veterans Park (Iowa Ave. & Vine St.)
  • Bear Creek Park (South of Dartmouth Ave. on Raleigh St.)
  • Sloan’s Lake Park (Boat ramp parking lot on Byron Pl.)
  • Havana Nursery (10450 Smith Rd.) — free loader service for mulch is also available at this location for trucks and trailers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get free 'Dig-Your-Own' mulch? Free 'dig-your-own' mulch is available at four locations this year: Havana Nursery, Bear Creek Park, Veterans Park, and Sloan's Lake Park.

Where can I get free loader service mulch? Loader service mulch is only available at the Havana Nursery. You must have a truck (no canopy) or a trailer to get into the loader service line.

Do I need to bring my own digging tools for digging mulch? YES! Communal tools will not be provided. Please bring your own shovel, rake or/or other equipment for loading mulch into your vehicle.

Can I get loader-service mulch AND dig-your-own mulch at any of the sites? Yes, the Havana Nursery location has both loader-service mulch and dig-your-own mulch. Please get in line for loader service and then ask an event flagger to direct you to the dig-your-own pile after you've received your bulk mulch.

Can I get mulch and compost at the same location on May 6th? 

No, however the annual Compost Sale is occurring May 5-7 at participating Ace Hardware stores. Learn more about the Compost Sale!


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