Vehicle Impound

Out of focus angled image of black cars lined up back to back. If your vehicle is impounded, you can find information about that below.

For vehicle police holds, contact the proper police bureau. Access to vehicles with police holds require the investigating detective to be present.

Our goal is to secure and protect vehicles and property, while providing a high level of service to the public and to our law enforcement partners.

To report abandoned vehicles, click on the button below. If you are unable to complete the form after clicking on the button, you may call (720) 865-0471.

Report An Abandoned Vehicle

Search for your impounded vehicle online by license, vehicle identification number (VIN), or date of impound.

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Your vehicle may have been impounded because of the following:

  • A traffic accident where the owner is transported to the hospital and/or the vehicle is rendered inoperable.
  • Disabled vehicles causing traffic hazards.
  • Illegal parking.
  • A vehicle is left parked in the right-of-way or a public area continuously for 72 hours or longer.
  • The driver of the vehicle is taken into custody by the Denver Police Department and the vehicle is left unattended.
  • Invalid/misused license plates or driver’s license.
  • The vehicle is involved in a criminal investigation.
  • The vehicle is reported stolen.
  • Vehicles deemed hazardous or are a public safety concern.


You may recover your vehicle or property any time during normal operating hours, excluding city-observed holidays:

Monday - Friday, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Saturday - Sunday, 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.

The impound is busiest on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays and near opening and closing; avoid long lines by visiting during other open days and times.


How to remove your vehicle from the impound lot:

Have the vehicle towed out:

  • Proof of ownership: a title or current registration and a valid photo identification
  • A PUC-certified commercial tow truck only – no dollies, ropes, chains, or transport trucks

Drive the vehicle out:

  • Owner must provide a valid current registration
  • Valid and current insurance for the vehicle
  • Valid state issued driver’s license from the United States 

Document details:

Proof of ownership:

  • Current vehicle registration showing you as the owner
  • Original title designating you as the current owner – we will accept a faxed title (front and back) from the lien holder

Valid photo identification (one of the following):

  • Valid state issued driver license from the United States
  • Valid state issued identification card or military ID from the United States
  • Valid passport
  • Name on identification must match the owner documents  


Fees  Under
Impound  $120
No fees  + Parking
Storage  $20/day $30/day No fees  + Parking

Impound staff are not permitted to waive or reduce fees according to the Denver Revised Municipal Code.

Acceptable forms of payment:

  • Cash
  • Money order
  • Cashiers check
  • Travelers check
  • Credit card: MasterCard, Visa, or Discover

We do not accept personal checks.

**Booted vehicle owners must pay all parking fees, in addition to normal impound and storage fess, for the vehicle before it can be claimed – a receipt showing all parking fees have been paid is required. Parking fees are paid online through Parking In Denver.

If you are the victim of a recovered stolen vehicle, you do not need to pay. All storage and tow fees are waived for confirmed victims of stolen vehicles.

Once all holds on a vehicle have been dropped, the owner has 30 days to recover the vehicle. If the vehicle is not recovered after 30 days, it will be sold at auction or sent to recycling as junk. The auctioning off or junking of any vehicle satisfies any storage and tow fees owed. Any tickets or citations issued to the vehicle prior to or at the time of impoundment will remain active.

Your vehicle cannot be repaired while at the impound. If your vehicle is inoperable or unsafe to drive, it must be towed out of the impound and repairs made elsewhere.  


There are not any charges to validated owners for recovering property or inspecting their vehicle.

Taking photos of your vehicle is not allowed. The impound is a secured facility and use of cell phones or cameras inside any of its lots is strictly prohibited. Photographs of the vehicle taken at the time it was impounded can be requested in writing via email <>. You will need to provide a copy of your state- or government-issued identification, as well as a valid title (front and back) or registration of the vehicle for which you are requesting photos. Additionally, verified insurance agents are authorized to take photographs of vehicles. We will not release photos of any vehicles with law enforcement holds.

You may have a locksmith make a key for your vehicle while it is impounded as long as the service does not take longer than 20 minutes.

Inmate Property

Excess property from individuals detained at the Denver County Jail, Downtown Detention Center, or the Department of Corrections is stored at the Property Bureau (adjacent to the Vehicle Impound Facility).

Retrieval of property from the Property Bureau will require a government issued ID (driver license, state ID card, passport, etc.). Written authorization may be given by the inmate for release of their property to someone else.

For inmate property inquiries, call 720-865-0490.
Property Bureau: 5150 York St, Denver, CO 80216

Personal Property from a Vehicle

With proof of ownership (valid ID and valid registration or title), access will be granted to vehicles for personal property removal. Access will not be granted for vehicles with police holds.

The vehicle owner or his/her legally authorized agent may have one opportunity to retrieve personal property. Only one person will be allowed in the yard to recover property. Items attached to the vehicle such as radios, speakers, wheels, etc. may not be removed.

In addition to a Notarized Letter of Authorization, which you will receive after filling out the form by clicking on the button below, the vehicle owner may authorize another party to pick up a vehicle and/or property with the following documentation:

To tow the vehicle out, authorized persons must provide:

  • Proof of ownership (title or current registration).
  • Valid identification (i.e., driver's license or passport).

To drive the vehicle out, authorized persons must provide:

  • A valid driver's license.
  • Current registration.
  • A proper insurance card.

Authorization for Vehicle or Property Release Form

Access will not be granted for vehicles with police holds.

Owners will receive a notice of right to hearing along with the notice of impoundment. A notice of right to hearing will also be supplied upon retrieval of a vehicle.
Vehicle impoundment hearings are held at the Vehicle Impoundment Hearing Office located at the Parking Magistrate’s Office: 201 W. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO. 
Hours of operation: Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

In order to obtain a hearing, you must take one of the following actions within 10 calendar days of the mailing date on your notice of impoundment or hand delivery of the notice of right to hearing, whichever is first:

  • Appear in person during business hours to set a hearing; or
  • Telephone the Parking Magistrate’s Office <(720) 913-5300> to set a hearing

Parking fees must be paid at Denver International Airport (DEN). These fees are in addition to the Vehicle Impound Facility storage fees. A receipt must be provided indicating parking fees associated with the vehicle have been paid when claiming the vehicle. 

DEN Parking can be contacted at 303-342-4650. 

Vehicles impounded for special event parking violations near Empower Field at Mile High will initially be towed to Waste Water Management located at 2000 W. 3rd Avenue. The vehicle must be claimed within two hours after the end of the event. A valid driver license and $120.00 will be required to recover the vehicle at the temporary impound location.  

If the vehicle is not recovered within two hours after the end of the event, the vehicle will be towed to the Vehicle Impound Facility located at 5160 York St. The vehicle can only be claimed during normal business hours for $240.00, plus storage. Proof of ownership, valid photo identification, and proof of insurance will be required.