Alternative Sentencing

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This program aims to maintain participants' employment, education, and/or treatment while incarcerated. Participants may also earn "good time" while enrolled in this program.

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Apply for Alternative Sentencing

Those with pending charges may not take part in this program until deemed appropriate by a court of law. Once referred by the court, you must wait to apply until at least one week before the defendant’s remand date.

Staff verify applicant information and establish program fees according to participant requirements and requests.

Step 1.What to Expect

While participating in this program, you may expect the following:

  • Charges are public information and are available upon request
  • It could take up to four business days from your book-in date to place in the program
  • Staff informs your employer of the conditions of the program
  • You are subject to electronic monitoring and must pay related fees
  • You are subject to alcohol and drug testing and must pay related fees
  • You must follow a schedule when reporting to and from work
  • Schedule changes must be staff approved
  • A uniformed deputy makes random, unannounced job checks

Step 2.Sheriff Home Detention Option

If sentenced through County Court, you may be eligible for Sheriff Home Detention as a part of the Alternative Sentencing program. Read the below requirements to ensure, along with a judge's ruling, you qualify. If enrolled, you may work if employed. A uniformed deputy will make random, unannounced home and job site checks.

This program requires participants:

  • Enroll in electronic monitoring
  • Provide proof of a suitable residence
  • Agree to random alcohol and drug tests
  • Refrain from physical job searches
  • Have a sentence of 35 days or more and complete half that sentence in jail
  • Spend 10 days or more in this program 

Step 3.Program Fees

Before placement in this program:

  • You must first pay for electronic monitoring, if enrolled
  • There must be enough in your inmate account to pay for room and board and urinalysis fees
    • If paid each week, enough for one week
    • If paid every other week, enough for two weeks

Depending on the circumstances of your program, fees may include: 

  • Daily room and board
    • $12.00 to $20.00 per day
  • Out-of-county charges
  • $66.40 per day
  • Home Guard Unit: 
  • $166.00 start-up fee
  • $91.00 per week
  • GPS:
    • $187.00 start-up fee
    • $112.00 per week
  • SCRAM:
  • $159.00 start-up fee
  • $84.00 per week
  • GPS & SCRAM combo:
    • $215 start-up fee
    • $140 per week
  • Home Guard & SCRAM combo:
    • $180 start-up fee
    • $105 per week
  • Urinalysis (UA): 
  • Two random tests per month
  • $8 per test

Step 4.Application

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this program the same as the Work Release Program?
A: It is not. The Work Release Program is no longer available.

Q: How long until I can return to work after booking in?
A: It takes up to four business days once we verify employment.

Q: How many sets of clothing can I bring to jail?
A: Do not bring any extra clothing when you book in. We recommend you have extra clothing dropped off at your job site for your first day back to work. You may have up to three sets of clothing in the facility at any given time. You will have the opportunity to wash your clothes upon returning from work.

Q: Can I bring in shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc.?
A: You must buy all hygiene items through the commissary.

Q: Can I have people drop off cash?
A: No, you cannot have cash dropped off at the jail. A postal money order may be left for you in the main jail lobby. Learn more about Money Accounts & Calling Cards.

Q: Can I have a cell phone/laptop/tablet/MP3?
A: Turn off cell phones before entering the facility. Your cell phone must stay in your locker, it is not allowed in the dorm. No other electronic devices can be in the facility at any time.

Q: Will I have time to cash/deposit my paycheck?
A: Yes, you may request one extra hour on your payday to cash your check or withdraw your direct deposit. Submit all wages earned, minus $50.00, in the form of a postal money order to deposit into your inmate account.

Q: Can I bring in books?
A: Participants on education release may bring in one school book. Metal binders are not allowed. Mail any recreational reading material for approval by the Mail Room staff.

Q: Am I allowed personal visits to the facility?
A: Schedule personal visits through the visitation line by calling 720-913-3791. Get more information on the Jail Visit Request webpage.