Work Release Program

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Note: the Work Release Program is suspended until further notice due to the public health and safety concerns of the spread of COVID-19.

The Work Release Program allows someone in our care to continue working at their job while incarcerated. Those interested in joining the program must fill out an application (see below)–assignment to the program may take up to four business days once employment has been verified. Not sure if you're in the right place? Check out the Alternative Sentencing Program.

Apply for Work Release

Please complete this application in full and submit no more than one week prior to your sentence date. It is important that you are truthful and complete the entire application. The information submitted in this application will be thoroughly investigated. If it is determined that you knowingly falsified any information, you may be denied entry into the Work Release Program.

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Electronic Monitoring

To learn more about electronic monitoring, visit the Community Corrections - Home Confinement website or contact them by phone (720-913-8950) or fax (720-913-8920).

The criteria for the Work Release Program include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Work within a 50 mile radius of the Denver County Jail (10500 Smith Rd., Denver, CO)
  • Work no less than 25 hours a week
  • Work up to 10 hours per day (includes lunch and breaks), no more than six days in a row
  • Any hours worked over 40 hours per week must be paid overtime, unless employed in a salaried position
  • Only one employer while on the program
  • Paid with a company paycheck

Work Release Room and Board:

  • Denver residents: $12/day
  • Non-Denver residents: $20/day
  • Sentenced out of county: $66.40/day

Work Release Electronic Monitoring: 

  • SCRAM bracelet (alcohol monitoring): $159 start-up fee  | $84/week
  • GPS (Global Positioning System): $187 start-up fee | $112/week
  • SCRAM & GPS bundle: $215 start-up fee | $140/week

Urinalysis (UA) Fees:

  • Two random UA per month: $8/test

If you are paid biweekly, you are required to deposit two weeks of fees for room and board and two UA tests into your inmate account prior to beginning the program.

If wearing electronic monitoring, an initial start-up fee will be required prior to placement on the program.


In order to participate in the Work Search Program, a recommendation for the program must be authorized by the courts and specified on a sentencing mittimus.

Participants are given 14 days of work search including employment and career education services.

If noncompliant with the program policies, participants are subject to removal from the program.

Unless specified by the court, only inmates sentenced through County Court are eligible for the Sheriff Home Detention Program, which may allow you to work, if employed.

Here is some information on eligibility and policies of the program:

  • Sentenced to 35 days or more and half of that time spent in jail
  • Spend 10 days or more in the Sheriff Home Detention Program
  • Electronic monitoring required
  • Proof of a suitable residence
  • Subject to random alcohol and drug testing
  • Physical job search is not allowed
  • Random, unannounced home and job site checks by uniformed officer
  • Must have a disposition compatible with this program

Question: How long until I can return to work after booking in?
Answer: It will take up to four business days after employment has been verified.

Question: How many sets of clothing can I bring to jail?
Answer: Do not bring any extra clothing when you book in. We suggest you coordinate with a family member or friend to have extra sets of clothing dropped off at your job site for you to retrieve on your first day back to work. You may have up to three sets of clothing in the facility at any given time. You will be given the opportunity to wash your clothes upon returning from work.

Question: Can I bring in shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc?
Answer: All hygiene items must be purchased through the commissary.

Question: Can I have people drop off cash?
Answer: No, you cannot have cash dropped off at the jail. A postal money order may be purchased on your behalf and dropped off at the main jail lobby. Learn more about Money Accounts & Calling Cards.

Question: Can I have a cell phone/laptop/tablet/MP3?
Answer: Cell phones must be turned off before entering the facility. Your cell phone must stay in your locker, it is not allowed in the dorm. No other electronic devices are allowed in the facility at any time.

Question: Will I be given time to cash/deposit my paycheck?
Answer: Yes, you may request one extra hour on your payday to cash your check or withdraw your direct deposit. All of your wages earned, minus $50, must be submitted in the form of a postal money order to be deposited into your inmate account.

Question: Can I bring in books?
Answer: Participants on education release are allowed to bring in one school book. No metal binders are allowed. Recreational reading material must be mailed in and approved by the Mail Room staff.

Question: Am I allowed personal visits to the facility?
Answer: Personal visits may be scheduled through the visitation line by calling 720-913-3791. Get more information on the Jail Visit Request webpage.