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Denver Sheriff Department Honor Guard at the annual Fallen Officers Memorial.

In-person visits are now available for those who are eligible. Learn more on the "Find & Visit Someone In Our Care" page.

The Denver Sheriff Department is the largest sheriff department in the state of Colorado — we are proud to represent the Mile High City!

Our Mission

The mission of the Denver Sheriff Department is to provide safe and secure custody for those placed in our care and to perform all of our duties in a manner that is responsive to the needs of our diverse community.


Sheriff Elias Diggins wearing his uniform facing the camera and smiling  
Get to Know Sheriff Elias Diggins

We are committed to excellent community and customer service and to continuously building a smarter and exceptional agency by concentrating on five pillars as described in our Strategic Plan.

The Denver Sheriff Department, led by Sheriff Elias Diggins, comprises over 1,100 uniformed and non-uniformed staff overseeing many diverse divisions and operations including two jail facilities, security for the district and county court systems, state inmate transportation, extradition duties, fugitive and K-9 units, a vehicle impound facility, and security at Denver Health & Medical Center.

To get better acquainted with our department, the below links may be of interest to you. Start by tracking our progress by reviewing our last annual report and most recent strategic plan. Move between the tabs above and then scroll down to find details about careers with the sheriff department, our facilities and services, related news, and information about visiting someone in our custody and the services provided to them while in our care.

Track Our Progress

Annual Report 2023(PDF, 10MB)

2024-2027 Strategic Plan Outline(PDF, 2MB)
2024-2027 Strategic Plan Graphic(PDF, 180KB)

Learn About Our Policies

Some of our policies are shared
publicly and are available on
our public policy page.

Publicly Released Recordings

Learn more about information
regarding C.R.S. § 24-31-902
Records Releases

The Dual Mindset

A yin-yang symbol with the words humanity and freedom filling it in, the mindset for all that the Denver Sheriff Department does. How we – Denver Sheriff Department (DSD) employees – approach what we do is critical, not just to the overall success of the Denver Sheriff Department, but also our individual achievements. Because the work we do is in service to others, we bear a great responsibility to one another, and those in our care, to lead with our humanity. We are a proud department with a tradition of Dedication, Service, and Duty – as we move forward, we will continue to embrace the Dual Mindset of Humanity and Freedom in our work.

The Dual Mindset is as follows:

“We LEAD with our HUMANITY” – this sentiment should be instilled in everything we do. Every DSD employee should recognize that we are in a profession where we must display our humanity in all our actions, including the way we use force. From the way we treat and speak to one another, the public, and those in our custody, everything must be guided by our humanity. When we lead and end our actions in this way, we can be confident that they are done thoughtfully.

“The deprivation of a person’s FREEDOM is their punishment.” It is not our responsibility to punish anyone while they are in our custody. The people in the community we serve should be confident that those in our custody will not be mistreated. Even when someone violates a rule while in our facilities, our responsibility is to correct their behavior, not to punish. We will ensure the conditions of our facilities go beyond conventional means and represent the best practices in our field. 

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The Denver Sheriff Department (DSD) is looking for talented, qualified community members to come work with us!

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Denver is home to the largest sheriff department in the state of Colorado. The DSD is comprised of two divisions with diverse operations staffed by nearly 1,000 uniformed and non-uniformed members. These operations include two separate jails, security for the District and County Courts, state inmate transportation, extradition duties, fugitive and K9 units, a Vehicle Impound Facility, and security at Denver Health Medical Center.

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The Denver Police Department (DPD) is a separate law enforcement agency, which patrols, arrests, and creates reports. If you're in need of police assistance, or information regarding concealed weapons permits, fingerprinting and background checks, or warrants, please visit their website. The DPD also provides phone numbers for crime stoppers anonymous tips, reporting graffiti, and gang, sex offender, and hate crimes hotlines.

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