Other Modes

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Technical Solutions to Work From Your Current Location

Online Meetings

MS Teams

We use Microsoft Teams to work internally with our co-workers. We'll also use Zoom to have meetings with our partners or residents who don't work for the city.

Working from Home

Working from home is determined at the department/agency level. Some departments/agencies schedule telecommute days, while others reserve working from home to during events such as extreme weather or traffic.

During the city’s response to COVID-19, we have introduced new tools for productivity and remote work so our employees can continue providing key services while also practicing physical distancing.

Special Work Schedules

Special work schedules are determined at the department/agency level. The appointing authority of a department/agency may establish a special work schedule for specified units, individual employees, or the entire agency. A special work schedule is any schedule that deviates from the standard work week of an eight hour work-day. Ten hour schedules and nine/eighty schedules are described in Career Service Rule 9: Pay Administration.

Other Modes to Get You From Here to There

Ride Your Scooter or Motorcycle

The downtown area offers employees Motorcycle/Scooter parking at the Webb Building Garage.


Pedestrians are a fundamental part of every transportation network – it’s the most basic form of mobility and an important priority for the city.

Walking is a low-cost option to get to work and a source of exercise that could qualify towards physical activity requirements on the city’s wellness incentive program.