Employee Pension Plan

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The Denver Employee Retirement Plan (DERP), is the city employees defined benefit pension plan. DERP provides a guaranteed lifetime pension benefit for our employees and possibly their beneficiary. Contributions to DERP are made by employees and us. Employees are vested and eligible for a lifetime pension benefit after 5 years of credited service. The DERP pension benefit is protected, meaning:

  • There is no investment risk to our employees
  • Our employees cannot outlive their benefit

The DERP pension benefit is calculated using a formula based on our employee's earnings and their years of service. DERP also provides subsidized health care benefits, as well as, disability and death benefits. Learn more about our DERP pension benefit at derp.org.

Are your employees pension contributions mandatory? Can they contribute more to the pension?
Yes, all our employees must currently contribute 8.45% to DERP (we contribute 17.95%, as well). No, employees cannot contribute more to DERP, but they can contribute to the 457(b) deferred compensation plan.