Contributions to Employees' Health Savings Accounts

For every $1 our employees contribute to their HSA accounts, we contribute $2, up to some limits. Employees can also earn a $600 HSA deposit by completing our Wellness Incentive.

HSA Match

Employees must make HSA contributions through payroll deductions to receive city HSA funds. For every $1 they contribute to their HSA, we contribute $2, up to the following amounts:

City HSA Match Maximum city HSA
Required employee
HSA contribution for
full city match
 Individual $12.50 per paycheck
(up to $300 in 2022)
$6.25 per paycheck
(at least $150 in 2022)
Family $37.50 per paycheck
(up to $900 in 2022)
$18.75 per paycheck
(at least $450 in 2022)

$600 Wellness Incentive

The annual Wellness Incentive is available to all employees enrolled as the primary account holder in a city-sponsored medical plan. Eligible employees who complete the requirements by December 31 receive the $600 Wellness Incentive according to the type of health plan they are enrolled in:

  • Employees enrolled in a high-deductible health plan (HDHP) receive a one-time $600 deposit to their Optum health savings account (HSA) in January.
  • Employees enrolled in a DHMO or HMO receive a $25 health insurance premium reduction in the first two pay periods of each month, for a total of a $600 annual discount.