Lost Pets

How to Find a Lost Pet

Cómo encontrar una mascota perdida

If your pet is lost, the following list of resources may help you find your lost pet.

  • Contact all local animal shelters. The Metro Denver Animal Welfare Alliance (MDAWA) website provides a list of all MDAWA members and contact information for those members.
  • Post fliers in your neighborhood and alert your neighbors. You can also place a sign in your yard to alert neighbors and others that your pet is lost.
  • If your pet is lost in Denver, look here on the Denver Animal Shelter website as often as every hour to see if your pet is at the shelter.
  • Check Nextdoor.com to see if any of your neighbors have found your pet.
  • Search the Craigslist "pets" and "lost+found" pages.
  • Complete a Lost Cat or Lost Dog registration on PetHarbor.com
  • Upload your lost pet's photo to FindingRover.com
    • Upload your pet's photo
    • Enter the required details about your pet
    • Enter your name, email address and ZIP code

All lost pets brought to the Denver Animal Shelter are held for a minimum of five calendar days. You can view our pets online. Our database is updated hourly. After the five day hold, animals will be evaluated for appropriate outcome.

If your pet is at Denver Animal Shelter, visit the Redemption Process and Fees page for information about reclaiming your pet. 

Prevent Lost Pets

Licensing your pet can be helpful if your pet becomes lost. Make sure your pet is always wearing a collar displaying their license tag, rabies tag, and ID tag.

Microchip implants are an excellent safeguard. In the event your pet loses their collar, the microchip information can be used to bring your pet home. Be sure to register your microchip and keep information current. Microchips are available at Denver Animal Shelter.

Obey the Denver leash laws and make sure that your pet is kept in a secure enclosure when not leashed.

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