A microchip identification implant can identify your pet if it loses its collar. Most shelters and veterinary offices can scan pets for this type of ID. The microchip number and your contact information is kept on a shared registry so that you can be contacted when your pet is found.

Denver Animal Shelter will microchip your dog or cat for $20. Now through June 30th, stop by Denver Animal Shelter (1241 W Bayaud Ave.) during regular business hours to get your cat microchipped for free! Cats with microchips are 2,000% more likely to be reunited with their families if lost. Made possible by a grant from Maddie’s Fund® #ThanksToMaddie.

Microchipping is available during our public reduced cost vaccination clinics. Visit our Vaccinations Page for information about our reduced cost vaccination clinics and for a list of dates when we will not be holding the clinic.

We want to help ensure that if any pet gets lost it will be returned back to its owner.

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