Citywide Minimum Wage Complaint Form

Laptop showing the citywide minimum wage complaint form.

Submit a Wage Complaint

If you earn less than Denver’s minimum wage, you can submit a wage complaint to Denver Labor to initiate an investigation.

Disclaimer: If you do wish to submit this complaint anonymously, we will be unable to follow-up with you should we need additional information.

Click here to view form.

Useful Tools for Employees and Employers

Minimum Wage Calculator

This calculator is a tool to assist employees confirm they are receiving Denver’s minimum wage. The total wages determined are the gross or the employee’s pre- tax and deduction earnings. Please note some exceptions may permit an employer to pay less than the calculated total wages and employers of tipped employees may only reduce hourly wages for actual tips received. If you believe you have not been paid correctly or have questions about the calculator or Denver’s minimum wage, please contact Denver Labor.

Denver Regional Address Finder

This interactive map is a tool to determine whether a business or work location is within the City and County of Denver. This tool is meant to assist in filing or responding to a complaint. Denver Labor will make a final determination regarding jurisdiction on all investigated complaints.

To start using the tool, click the blue button "OK" on the bottom right corner of the map.

Underpayment Calculator

This spreadsheet (downloadable below) is a tool to determine the amount of backpay owed to current or previous employees. To use the Underpayment Calculator, download the Excel file and enter the relevant payroll information - hours worked, hourly wage paid, and tips earned. The Excel file is available in both English and Spanish. If an underpayment is owed or you have difficulty using the Underpayment Calculator, please contact Denver Labor.

 Download Underpayment Calculator(XLSX, 53KB) Calculadora para Empleadores(XLSX, 60KB)

Underpayment Calculator for Employers.png(XLSX, 53KB)