Alarm Permit

Denver residents and businesses that wish to operate a security alarm must obtain a City-issued permit and have the alarm monitored by a licensed monitoring company. Alarm permit applications may be conveniently obtained online or from your alarm company. Your alarm company should provide instructions on obtaining your permit.

Denver's False Alarm Management System

Use Denver's False Alarm Management System website for your applications, payments, and updates:

  • Pay Alarm Permit Fees Online
  • Submit Alarm Permit Application Online 
  • Obtain Permit Status Online

Alarm Permit Policies

Alarm Penalties

  • Once a location has five false alarms, which are upheld on appeal, the Alarms Division notifies the Denver Police Department to put the location into "general response" status. "General response" means that no officers will be directly dispatched to that location, but that a general call will be broadcast. An officer will respond if in the area and available.
  • A permit holder will be fined $50.00 each time a panic or hold-up alarm is activated for a false alarm.
  • An alarm company will be fined $25 each time a representative of the company calls for response to an alarm call for a location without a valid permit, or gives an incorrect or expired permit number.


Permit Renewal

Alarm permits are valid for one year from date of issue. Renewal notices will be mailed to the permit holder's mailing address thirty days prior to the expiration date.

The renewal form must be returned, along with the $25 renewal fee, prior to the expiration date of the permit.

No permit will be renewed if the permit holder has outstanding fines for any permit. No renewal permit applications will be processed if the applicant is in arrears in any administrative or court fines, assessments, or fees owed to the City and County of Denver.

To renew online visit the City of Denver's False Alarm Management System online portal.

To mail in renewal: 

City and County of Denver
P.O. Box 650781
Dallas, TX 75265-0781


Cancelling a Permit

It is suggested that you request cancellations online by following the link and selecting Cancel Permit to cancel your alarm permit if you change locations, move or no longer have an alarm system. This can be done by yourself or your alarm company.

No refund will be given for any cancellation.


Security Alarm Incident Appeals

Security alarm users have 30 days from the date of notice of a false alarm to file an appeal. Appeals must be in writing and include supporting documentation.

When the Alarms Division receives a copy of a responding police officer's alarm incident report written after responding to an alarm call stating that the alarm incident was avoidable, the alarm permit holder will receive a notice of a false alarm incident.

The alarm user has thirty (30) days from the date of notice to file an appeal. Appeals must be in writing and accompanied by supporting documentation. Supporting documentation for appeal could be subsequent police reports, documentation of power outages, insurance claims, and photographs of actual damage done to the property. The Alarm Division supervisor will determine whether to grant the appeal with occasional consultation with the Director.

Appeals will be decided based on the grounds specified in the ordinance with the following exceptions:

If a series of false alarms occur within four days of each other and if the user provides proof that all false alarms were caused by the same piece of faulty equipment, all but the first incident in the series will be dropped. Acceptable proof of repairs made to an alarm system includes an invoice for the part, a bill or invoice from the alarm company, or a repair slip left by the technician.

If an alarm user is out of town and has a succession of false alarms caused by malfunctioning equipment, all but the first incident in the series will be dropped. Proof of repair and proof of the alarm user's absence must be provided. Acceptable proof of absence includes copies of airplane tickets, gas receipts, notice to start delivery of mail, or charge card receipts.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to have an alarm permit?
    It is unlawful to have a security alarm system in the City of Denver unless a permit has been obtained. These systems are to be monitored by a licensed alarm company.
  2. Can I renew my permit after the expiration date has passed?      
    Yes, your permit number will stay the same but with a new issue and expiration date based on the date of processing.  
  3. How and where can an alarm user obtain a new permit application? 
    Getting a new Security Alarm Permit is simple. You can apply by mail or call Customer Service at 877-892-5873.
  4. How long does it take to process a new permit? 
    Paper applications are usually processed the day they are received.    
  5. Am I fined if I have a false alarm?
    There is a $50.00 fine for a false panic or hold-up alarm (signaling the police in an emergency situation where the imminent danger of death or bodily injury exists). A false intrusion alarm carries no monetary fine, but if five (5) false intrusion alarms occur within a permit calendar year the permit will be put into a "General Response" status. The alarm will not be broadcast, but a police officer in the area may respond if available.
  6. How can I find out if my alarm permit is valid? 
    Contact Customer Service at 877-892-5873 during business hours. Our website provides permit information at any time, including whether the permit is valid, the expiration date for the permit, any outstanding alarm fines, and alarm incidents.
  7. I have a valid monitored alarm user permit. Why didn't the police dispatch when my alarm company called them? 
    To find out why the police denied dispatch to your premises; contact your alarm company and obtain the permit number they have retained on file. More often than not your alarm company provided an invalid or non-existent permit number when requesting dispatch. Contact customer service at 877-892-5878 to verify your permit number, expiration date, and status. You may also verify your permit status on the website.