Beer and Wine License

A beer and wine license permits the sale of malt and vinous liquor by the drink for consumption ON the licensed premises.


Sales and Service

  • Sale and service of beer and wine by the drink for on-premises consumption
  • Must have a minimum of sandwiches and light snacks to patrons during all hours when the sale of beer and wine is provided; however, beer and wine licensees may serve as much of a meal as they desire


Hours of Operation

Seven days a week between 7:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m.


Multiple Interests

Multiple financial interests are allowed with beer and wine licenses in the following:

  • Other beer and wine licenses
  • Hotel and restaurant licenses
  • Tavern licenses
  • Brew pub licenses
  • Club licenses
  • Arts licenses 
  • Racetrack licenses
  • Public transportation system licenses
  • Optional premises licenses
  • Retail gaming tavern licenses 
  • Vintner's restaurant licenses


Distance Restriction

A 500 foot distance restriction from public and parochial schools, colleges, universities, and seminaries applies to new beer and wine applications.



Application Fee:

State - $1,550.00 fee made payable to Colorado Department of Revenue + Liquor License Fees

State - $1,650.00 fee for Concurrent Review + Liquor License Fees

State - $1,550.00 fee for Transfer of Ownership + Liquor License Fees

City -   $1,000.00 + other fees assigned at time of application

Colorado Bureau of Investigations Fingerprinting:  $38.50 per person for anyone that owns at least 10% of the business entity.

License fees will be calculated at the time the application is submitted to the City.


Required Documents

See documents required for a liquor license application.

Names of all mangers of beer and wine licenses provided to the Denver Department of Excise and Licenses and Colorado State Liquor and Tobacco Enforcement Division.



The names of all managers of beer and wine licenses must be provided to the local and state licensing authorities whether a principal to the licensee or someone else manages the licensed premises.

Any changes in managers of beer and wine licenses must be reported to both the City and the State within thirty days of the change in manager.