CASR Currently Hiring for High Performance Buildings & Homes Intern

Published on June 16, 2021

We are growing our team at the Office of Climate Action, Sustainability & Resiliency (CASR)! CASR works to enable a sustainable, resilient, climate-safe future for all of Denver in collaboration with fellow departments, other units of government, and community partners. We lead the development of innovative programs, policy, and community-based services. CASR ensures that our goals are aligned with current climate science, promotes the role that climate action and sustainability play in strengthening Denver's economic vitality and a prosperous future for all, and embraces equity as a value and practice in all its work. CASR is responsible for managing the Climate Protection Fund, which will disburse approximately $35M annually for climate mitigation, adaptation, and resilience initiatives. CASR will also manage revenue from the city’s new bag fee which takes effect on July 1, 2021. Learn more at

The CASR High Performance Buildings and Homes team works to make all new and existing buildings and homes net zero energy, more sustainable, and more resilient.  Net Zero Energy means highly efficient, all-electric, grid flexible, and powered by 100% renewable electricity. Buildings and Homes are responsible for 64% of the greenhouse gas emissions in Denver. These places where we live, work, and spend 90% of our time are the key to a sustainable, resilient future for the city. We work with the Denver community to achieve these goals in ways that improve indoor air quality, comfort, health outcomes, lower energy costs, returns for investors, improve equity, and help under-resourced communities thrive.   

The High-Performance Buildings and Homes team has an opening for an Intern for between 20-30 hours per week for a duration of approximately 1 year. This is a hybrid experience of onsite and remote work, with required days onsite. This position will accept applications until the position is filled. 

As an intern you will have the opportunity to experience:  

  • Develop a  library of webinars that have CE hours attached similar to that linked to Here by Illinois Green for the Buildings and Homes team on topics across all our work.  Lead the development of both volunteer led and staff driven education events for the Denver buildings and homes community.  The events will be recorded to become a new library of webinars.  Develop a process for volunteers to apply to host an event. Promote and manage events online and in person.  Ensure continuing education is available for relevant professional certifications for the event being planned.   

  • Assist with note taking and technology in the many stakeholder meetings hosted by the team, including Energize Denver Task Force meetings. 

  • Assist the team as needed with their work on the implementation of the Energize Denver Benchmarking Ordinance, Energize Denver Task Force recommendations, the 2021 Update to the IECC and Denver Green Code, the implementation of the Renewable Heating and Cooling Plan, the administration of the buildings and homes portion of the Climate Protection Fund,  the Smart Leasing Program, and other work of the team as needed. 

  • Other duties that may arise 

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