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Coyotes in Urban Areas(PDF, 1MB)
Coyotes have adapted to urban areas and live in Denver. They are bold and less fearful of humans. As neighbors, we can work together to deter coyotes and change their behavior. Click here to read our flyer with more information. Click here for Denver Parks & Recreation's flyer on Urban Coyotes. 

(PDF, 1MB)

(PDF, 1MB)

"Bring Your Own Bag" Began July 1

In an effort to reduce waste and the use of single-use shopping bags, Denver is joining cities around the state and the world by implementing a Bring Your Own Bag program. Bring your own bag to avoid being charged a $0.10 fee for each single-use carryout bag (plastic or paper) provided at checkout. Click here to learn more about the bag fee and the Bring Your Own Bag program.

Here's what you need to know:  

  • The bag fee applies to grocery and retail stores – but not restaurants. 
  • The fee also applies to bags used for delivery and curbside pick-up.
  • Stores will not charge for smaller bags such as those used to package bulk items, produce, meat, or fish.
  • Farmers Markets, Marijuana dispensaries and prescription bags are exempt. 
  • People receiving support from state and federal Food Assistance Programs will not be charged for carryout bags.
  • Charges for bags must be displayed separately on customer receipts and are not taxable.

The City of Denver and its community partners are providing free reusable bags to Denver residents. You can stop by our office during the week to pick up a reusable bag. Please call to make sure we are in. Bags will also be available at our South by Southeast community festival on August 21. 

A new state law will require all cities to adopt a similar program, charging a $.10 fee, beginning in 2023. Starting January 1, 2024, single-use plastic shopping bags will be banned statewide. 


Denver City Council is the legislative body of our city government. Council’s duties and powers include policymaking and legislation, approving changes to the Denver Zoning Code, approving the budget and large contracts, representing our constituents, and advocating for our council districts. Individual council members can pursue policies as can the entire council. 

Councilwoman Black’s legislative priorities include sustainability and waste reduction, addressing homelessness and increasing housing options, improving safety and mobility options for all residents, increasing our green spaces and improving parks and trails, and working toward a more inclusive and equitable city.

City Council’s 2022 Budget priorities include:

  1. Improve community engagement and customer service to support residents navigating city services, resources and accessibility including language access.
  2. Increase affordable housing options and support for those experiencing homelessness throughout our city. Mitigate and reduce involuntary displacement of community members and businesses.
  3. Reframe safety in a public health, evidence-based and anti-racist approach with community investment to ensure safe and healthy neighborhoods.
  4. Encourage innovation and prioritize the recovery and sustainability of local businesses, our workforce and community organizations.
  5. Protect our natural environment through policy and invest in communities to combat climate change.
  6. Increase complete multimodal transportation connections throughout the city.

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