District 6 construction and improvement projects

District 6 Construction Projects

University of Denver

The University of Denver is undergoing several significant construction projects going forward as part of their 2018 Campus Framework Plan. Visit the DU website for construction updates. 

1401 E. Arkansas/2000 S. Holly

CDOT Headquarters and the Region One site have moved to a new building near Colfax & Federal. State law requires owned by the State of Colorado to be offered first to local government entities.  The City and County of Denver exercised the option to acquire both 4201 E Arkansas Avenue and 2000 S Holly Street.  Denver selected Kentro Group to develop the two properties based on confidence in delivering a project beneficial to the community. 

1401 E. Arkansas

The proposed rezoning of 13 acres of former Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) land at 4201 E. Arkansas Ave. is scheduled for a Public Hearing and final vote by Council, on Dec. 3. Councilman Kashmann brought together neighbors, Kentro Group and city traffic engineers to begin proactively strategizing on controlling the substantial increase in traffic a more dense development would be expected to generate He is also working with city agencies to craft a Major Project Team - including the community, Kentro and city agencies – that will monitor the project as it moves forward, and work to mitigate negative impacts, should Council ultimately approve the rezoning.

Learn more about the 1401 E. Arkansas project

2000 S. Holly

The current plan is to build approximately 140 to 180-for-sale residential units (i.e. row homes) on the site, with senior living and/or small/limited retail on the north part of the property.

Learn more about the 2000 S. Holly project.

Transportation & Mobility

Safe Routes to School Program

The City and County of Denver intends to implement multimodal safety improvements (collectively called the “Cory Merrill Safe Routes to School Project”) along E. Florida Avenue and E. Iowa Avenue. 

These improvements will include:

  • sidewalk infill construction on E. Florida Ave., from S. Clayton St.to S. Steele St.,
  • sidewalk infill construction on E. Iowa Ave., from S. University Blvd. to S. Columbine St.,
  • a new bike lane on E. Florida Ave. from. S. Race Street to S. Steele St.,
  • signal rebuild for the signal at E. Florida Ave. and S. Steele St.,
  • a concrete bump-out to replace the paint and post-bump-out on the southeast corner of E. Florida Ave. and S. Steele St., and
  • repaving of E. Florida Ave. from S. University Blvd. to S. Steele St.

Denver Waterways Restoration Study

The Denver Urban Waterways Restoration Study is a study to identify restorative improvements to three major urban waterways — Harvard Gulch, Weir Gulch, and the South Platte River from 6th to 58th Avenues — in the City and County of Denver. Based on the availability of newer predictive computer models that can now more accurately determine flood risk and a heightened awareness of ecosystem health, sponsors are conducting a series of studies to reassess the condition of these waterways considering flood risk assessment, ecosystem health, and recreational opportunities. Learn more by visiting www.denvergov.org/content/denvergov/en/denver-waterways.html.

Elevate Denver Bond Program

The 2017 Elevate Denver GO Bond Program launched an expanded website to give residents more timely program updates and access to additional current and historical documents and information. District 6 projects like the improvements to the Buchtel Corridor (University Blvd. to Colorado Blvd.) and the Eugene Field Branch Library Renovations can be found at www.denvergov.org/elevatedenver.

City-wide projects include bike lanes, sidewalk construction, arterial street repaving, curb and gutter repairs, bridge rehabilitation, irrigation renovation and deferred maintenance.