2021 RISE GO Bond

A map showing the locations of proposed projects funded through the RISE GO Bond.

During an economic downturn, we know General Obligation bonds can deliver infrastructure projects to create jobs and kick-start a slowed economy—we saw it work with the Great Recession and previous economic downturns dating back to at least the late 1980's.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, economies across the globe suffered some of the most severe economic impacts felt since the 1930's. Denver's recovery is just getting underway, and Mayor Michael B. Hancock wants to further stimulate our recovery with a $450 million GO Bond to for infrastructure projects estimated to create 7,500 good-paying jobs and $1 billion in economic output for businesses all across Metro Denver.

GO Bond Timeline

April 2021: Project Development Phase

  • Elevate Beyond 2020-2025 (Six Year Capital Improvement Plan)
  • Departmental project priorities
  • City-owned partner institutions and Denver Health
  •  Initial City Council project priorities

May - July 2021: Community Engagement and Project Evaluation Phase

  • Eligibility review
  • Internal citywide value and technical project evaluation
  • RISE Denver community engagement process
  • GO Bond external Executive Committee review of project list
  • City Council bond recovery, project priorities, microbudget priorities, and macrobudget priorities

July – August 2021: Legislative Process

  • July 27: City Council Finance and Governance Committee - Informational
  • August 3: City Council Finance and Governance Committee continued
  • August 23: City Council 2nd Reading (referral to ballot)

August – November 2021: Ballot Campaign and Vote

If approved by voters: Spring 2022 – First debt issuance for bond (City Council approval required)

2021 RISE Denver GO Bond Executive Committee Members


Committee Chair Mowa Haile – SkyBlue Builders

Committee Co-Chair Josh Laipply – Chief Projects Officer

Council President Stacie Gilmore – City Council President

Council Protem Jamie Torres – City Council Protem

John Desmond - President, Revitalizing Cities, LLC

Chris Martinez - Former Executive Director of Hispanic Contractors of Colorado

Erin Porteous - CEO at Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver

Elaine Torres - Community Affairs Director at CBS4

Paul Washington - Executive Vice President at IMA Financial Group, Inc.        

Committee Staff Lead Laura Perry – Capital Planning and Programming Director


City Advisory Members

Brendan Hanlon, Chief Financial Officer

Emily Snyder, Capital Budget Manager

Kwali Farbes, City Attorney’s Office

Brad Neiman, City Attorney’s Office

Kim Desmond, Mayor’s Office of Social Equity and Innovation

Other City Agency Representatives as needed