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Welcome to the Division of Small Business Opportunity (DSBO).

Helping a larger, more diverse field of businesses compete for government contracts is an important way that we help small businesses grow and increase their revenues. Many small companies do not realize that they can, by gaining certification for various qualifying factors, access a much broader world of opportunity. Qualifying factors include being minority- or woman-owned, or otherwise being a disadvantaged business.

Our team performs compliance and monitoring on a wide range of city projects and contracts. In addition to granting certifications and providing outreach and capacity-building for small firms, DSBO sets participation goals for public projects and ensures that contractors are paid promptly.


You may search by industry, certification, location, or company name ("Search Vendor Directory") in our DSBO database.


The DSBO team

Adrina Gibson, DSBO Director

Sarah Milmoe, Staff Assistant

Gloria Owusu, Outreach Specialist

Elly Bacon Assistant Director - Certification and Capacity Building
Tammy Trujillo Certification Supervisor
Areli Bonilla Barcenas Certification Intake Specialist
Gay Chulajata Certification Analyst
Jeanette Lopez-Clanton Certification Analyst
Steve Martinez Certification Analyst
Valorie Yarbrough Certification Analyst

Mića Anderson Assistant Director - Compliance, Forensic and Business Utilization
Brittany Eroen Compliance Supervisor
David Hosanna Business Utilization Analyst
Alexis Nightengale City Projects Compliance Officer
Cynthia Estes DEN Projects Compliance Officer
Jilliane Saiya DEN Projects Compliance Officer
Kristy Rooks DEN Projects Compliance Officer