Construction Empowerment Initiative (CEI)

What is CEI?

The Construction Empowerment Initiative (CEI) is a group of community-based stakeholders who help DSBO maintain a first-hand, open dialogue with the small businesses and industry associations that it serves. CEI provides the essential link between the city and its certified firm customers. 

Described by name in ordinance, the all-volunteer CEI meets regularly and its sessions are open to the public as well as media. Membership is not formal and all are welcome. (CEI meetings are currently virtual due to COVID-19.)

Now that the DSBO program has been expanded significantly beyond just the construction and professional service industries, in a sense the name "CEI" is misleading--certified firms in many other industries can now help fulfill the city's goals on public contracts.


Charter & Leadership

In 2019, CEI adoped a charter to codify its mission and purpose.

The current leaders of CEI include Adrianne Sanford of The Sanford Group, LLC.



CEI typically meets on the last Tuesday of the month from 9-11 a.m.

Due to COVID-19, meetings are currently held virtually. 

You may sign up for email bulletins from DSBO that include the CEI meeting invitations.


Meeting Materials

Handouts and presentations from recent meetings can be found here.

CEI Presentation - June 2021(PDF, 12MB)