Become a Firefighter


Join our elite team! Firefighters respond to fire alarms, and extinguish fires to protect lives and property. Other duties include administering first aid, rescuing in emergencies, and inspecting buildings to ensure compliance with fire codes. Firefighters may also be assigned to work in support divisions, such as human resources, fire dispatch or community outreach.


Entry Applications

Entry Application is Now Open!

Entry-Level Firefighter: 
Application is open.  Please follow steps in the application to continue in the process.  Candidates are expected to move forward in processing spring or summer 2022.

Application will open in September.  Processing is expected to occur Summer 2022. (Must have current NREMT or CO EMT cert.) 

If qualified, interested candidates may apply for both positions.

Lateral Firefighter:
Application is not currently open.  If interested and eligible (3yrs on a paid state, municipal, city dept.) please contact a Denver Fire Recruiter for more information. 

Recruitment Updates

Our Recruiting Team members are Captain Kathy Johnson and Lieutenant Jesus Rocha.

Entry Level Firefighter Testing has moved to an open application process.  If you are interested in receiving updates about the testing process, please fill out a job interest form.   

If you have questions about the application, please contact Civil Service.  To schedule your NTN fireteam test, please contact NTN directly.  Questions about being a firefighter, what to expect from the process, how your NTN score affects you, or any other general questions please contact a DFD Recruiter.

Application and Testing information will be posted on the Civil Service Commission website

After application schedule an online test at National Testing Network (NTN):

Email questions to and a member from the Recruiting Team will contact you.


Step 1: Self Assessment

Step 2: Job Interest Form

Step 3: Prepare for CPAT Testing

Step 4: Review Job Requirements and Benefits Information

Salary & Benefits

Starting Pay: $60,961 (as of January 1, 2021)

Benefits include:

  • Paid sick leave and vacation
  • Medical and dental insurance
  • Uniforms and most equipment furnished
  • Pension plan

Duties & Responsibilities

Under supervision, firefighters respond to fire alarms as a team, and assist in extinguishing fires to protect lives and property. Other duties include administering first aid, rescuing individuals and animals during emergencies, and inspecting buildings for fire hazards. Firefighters may also be assigned to work in other roles, such as human resources, fire dispatch or community outreach.

The City and County of Denver is an Equal Opportunity Employer. If any applicant or prospective applicant requires reasonable accommodation (per the Americans with Disabilities Act) in order to participate in any examination phase noted herein, the applicant must advise the Commission in advance, in writing, and provide supporting medical documentation. Each request will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The submission of a request does not necessarily mean that the request will be granted. More information can be found under Civil Service Commission.

Work Schedule

Typically, firefighters work on average a 48-hour work week. Each firefighter works one day (24 hours) and then has two days (48 hours) off. Every seventh shift, each firefighter is scheduled for an additional day off. Firefighters may also be assigned various other work schedules in accordance with their work assignments.


Recruitment Questions & Scheduling

Contact a Recruiter

For Recruiting questions, please contact us at: 

(Note: when contacting our team please provide your name, email and a daytime phone number)

Capt. Kathy Johnson

Lt. Jesus Rocha


Schedule Testing

For CPAT test dates, information and scheduling please contact:
Lorene Garcia

Entry Level and Lateral Fire Testing

For more information and to register for testing:

Denver Civil Service Commission
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