Youth Fire Stop Program

Youth Fire Stop will not be available from December 13th thru January 3rd, due to staffing shortages. Thank you!

youth fire stop program logoChildren often show interest in fire and many engage in some form of fire setting activity. While most child-set fires are started out of curiosity, not malice, the damage that these fires cause, both financially and in human costs, can be devastating. 

The Denver Fire Department believes that all fire setting is serious risk-taking behavior that needs to be addressed through education on the personal and societal dangers of fire misuse.

The mission of the Denver Fire Department Youth Fire Stop Educational Intervention Program is to work collaboratively with the community to provide educational intervention for youths and their families experiencing problems with firesetting behavior.

Don’t ignore the seriousness of this behavior! It is estimated that more than 80% of children who set fires will become repeat offenders if there is no intervention.  ALL children who have engaged in fireplay or firesetting behavior need intervention.

Program Process for Entry

Step 1.Submit your referral

  1. The Youth Fire Stop Program begins with a referral from a legal guardian, teacher, social worker, therapist, guidance counselor, diversion officer, school resource officer, probation officer or other qualified professional. 
  2. The referring party will be contacted by a Youth Fire Stop Representative to discuss the fire situation.

Complete the Youth Fire Stop Referral Form

Step 2.Schedule initial screening

The youth and legal guardian will then be contacted by the referring agency or a YFS representative to discuss the incident and to schedule an initial screening. 

If you are court ordered or have been offered the In Lieu of Citation Program outside of a public-school setting, you must call (720) 337-2806 within 5 business days from the issuing of the offer to schedule a screening or the offer will be revoked, and a criminal citation may be issued.  

Step 3.Attend screening interview

During the interview, The Oregon Juvenile Firesetter Screening Tool will be utilized to determine if it is appropriate for the youth to attend the DFD Youth Fire Stop Educational Intervention class with their legal guardian or if the youth needs additional intervention services.

  • Screenings for all non-school involved incidents are held at 10 Galapago St., Denver, CO 80223.
  • Screenings for school related incidents are held at the child’s current school of attendance.   

Step 4.Attend class, counseling, or other services 

  • If attending the class is appropriate for the youth, class will be held immediately following the screening.
  • If it is determined that the youth needs any additional counseling, mental health, or city services, the Youth Fire Stop representative will submit a referral to the proper agency.