How to Qualify as a Social Equity Applicant

How to Qualify

Step 1.Visit the State Marijuana Enforcement Division’s Social Equity Website

The state Marijuana Enforcement Division’s Social Equity website contains information about the criteria for qualifying as a Social Equity Applicant and tools to help you determine whether you might qualify. If you have questions about the criteria, please contact the Marijuana Enforcement Division.

Step 2.Submit a State Finding of Suitability Application

Visit the state Marijuana Enforcement Division’s Applications and Forms website. If you do not already hold an Owner License, you will need to submit a Finding of Suitability Applicationto the state Marijuana Enforcement Division. The Marijuana Enforcement Division will use this application to verify your eligibility as a Social Equity Applicant. 

If you already hold an Owner License and wish to qualify as a Social Equity Applicant for a new license, please contact the Marijuana Enforcement Division to learn how to have your eligibility verified.

Step 3.Provide State Social Equity Eligibility Letter

To apply for a City of Denver license, you will need to provide a copy of your social equity eligibility letter provided by the state Marijuana Enforcement Division.