DPD's Special Event Unit

The Denver Police Department’s (DPD) Special Events Unit (SEU) plans, coordinates, and oversees traffic-related activities and permits associated with very specific types of special events in the City and County of Denver.  These include parades, special events that require the closure of streets (such as running events or bicycle events), sporting events, and VIP visits (such as the President of the United States).

The SEU manages the completion and processing of permit applications for parades, marches, races, runs and walks which could cause an impediment to the traffic flow or result in the temporary closure of city streets. Once a permit application has been submitted, the SEU notifies city agencies and other entities, such as RTD, that may be affected by the parade or event.

When to Apply

The permit process can begin 200 days before a parade or event. An application that is submitted less than 30 days before the parade or event date can be denied on that basis alone by the Manager of Safety’s Office.

Where to Apply

At DPD’s Traffic Operations Bureau located at 3381 Park Avenue West, Denver, CO 80216 

You must call 720-337-1030 in advance to make an appointment.

Permit Fee

The permit fee for a parade is:

 $50 for a parade/event of 15 blocks or less.

$150 for a parade/event 16 blocks or more.

The permit fee must be paid at the time of application and is non-refundable. The permit fee must be paid by a check or money order made out to “Manager of Safety.” Cash fee payments will not be accepted.

Parade and Special Events Checklist

  • Plan parade and special event route, including staging area
  • Arrange for Barricades and/or for Street Closures - Special Events Only (Barricades for parades are supplied by the City and County of Denver)
  • Arrange for EMS if necessary – Special Events Only
  • Notify businesses and property owners in affected area

Event Routes

The SEU does NOT plan routes. The organizer for a parade/event should have a route in mind when they come to inquire about a permit. Arrangements to have a route measured are made by the organizer. The SEU will advise or make recommendations on a route presented by the organizer to address potential safety issues for their parade/event.

Parades, Marches and Freedom of Speech Events

The City will provide officers and barricades for parades, marches and other freedom of speech events if the route is 15 blocks or less with a reasonable staging area. The organizer will be responsible for payment of officers exceeding the listed amounts.

Runs, Walks and Fundraising Events

The organizer is entirely responsible for officer and barricade expenses related to these events.

Event Pay Rates

The cost of conducting the event will be determined by the command officer in charge of the traffic operations bureau or his designee, and will be based on the complexity, length and staffing needed for traffic control.

By city ordinance, only a police officer can direct traffic and/or pedestrians through an intersection controlled by either signals or signage. (RMC 54-54(b))

Contact Information

For additional information contact the SEU at (720) 337-1030.


Sgt. James Kukuris (84031), 720-641-1682, james.kukuris@denvergov.org


Bob Anderson (04109), 720-337-1068, bob.anderson@denvergov.org

Richard Harvey (06069), 720-337-1069, richard.harvey@denvergov.org

Jim Rose (95085), 720-337-1070, james.rose@denvergov.org