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Tennis Courts

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More than 100 athletic fields are available for a variety of uses including lacrosse, rugby, tennis, baseball, softball, soccer, football, ultimate frisbee, kickball and more. Tournaments and leagues are welcome.

Field dimensions and amenities can be found in the field inventory list linked below, along with other important resources:

Requests for Winter 2021-2022 will have payment and insurance due 24 business hours following the permit being placed “on-hold.” The permit will be approved no later than 24 business hours after payment and insurance have been submitted. 

Seasonal Information

Fall 2021

August 9: Fall Season Begins

November 7: Fall Season Ends

Winter 2021-2022

  • October 19: Requests may be made beginning at 8:00am (MST) online** only (Both Youth & Adult Organizations may submit requests)
  • November 8: Winter Season begins (Synthetic Fields ONLY)
  • March 18: Winter Season ends


  • Historical priority cannot be earned during the Winter season
  • Online Requests require 72 hours to process. Payment and insurance are due 24 business hours after the request has been placed on-hold

Spring/Summer 2022

Information scheduled to be posted December 17, 2021.

General Permit Information


Tournament applications must be turned in at least 30 days in advance and will have additional permit requirements.

Download permit fee payment terms(PDF, 189KB)

A Tournament is defined as an athletic/sports competition which meets the criteria listed. End of league/season tournaments may be considered a tournament, for permitting purposes, and not a continuation of league play.

A Tournament includes:

  • Athletic/sports competition
  • Bracketed or pool play (or other typical tournament format) designed to determine a winner(s) 
  • Open to the general public to participate/spectate
  • Collection of fees prior to and/or day of event for participants and/or spectators
  • Requires exclusive use of athletic fields/complexes
  • Event infrastructure that includes tents, tables, chairs, goods and services vending, food and beverage sales/service, vendors, and/or sponsors

Parks Permitting will make the final determination as to the classification of the activity.  Tournaments are classified as “athletic” permits.  Tournament permits must be secured following the established athletic permit schedule, per season. Tournament fees will apply.


Tennis Court permits are issued ONLY for tennis league play* and tournaments. External organizations are required to leave one court open for drop-in use at all times. The tennis court inventory list will note if a given court is the designated drop-in court at any park.

Tennis Court Inventory(PDF, 119KB)

To ensure you are on the correctly permitted court, please reference our tennis court maps.

Tennis Court Maps(PDF, 8MB)

*Please contact the Park Permit Office at 720.913.0700 or if you are unsure whether your group qualifies for league play permits prior to requesting.

All court users with or without permits must adhere to the court rules listed at each facility.

Permitting Seasons

There are three (3) permitting seasons for tennis courts:

  • Spring Season (March 20 – May 30)
    Applications accepted starting March 1, 6:00am online
  • Summer Season (May 31– August 29)
    Applications accepted starting April 12, 6:00am online or 8:00 a.m. in person
  • Fall Season (August 30 – October 29)
    Applications accepted starting July 12, 6:00 a.m. online or 8:00 a.m. in person


Court Lights

Court lights are operational March-October from 5-11:00 p.m. Year-round court lights are operational at the following locations only:

  • Bear Valley Park
  • Berkeley Lake Park
  • Bible Park
  • City Park
  • Washington Park
  • Parkfield Lake Park

Pickleball and Futsal Courts

Pickleball courts located at Martin Luther King Jr. Park will follow the tennis court reservation calendar. All other pickleball and futsal courts are available for drop-in use only.

Pickleball Inventory(PDF, 89KB)

Futsal Inventory(PDF, 53KB)

Athletic Permit Policy

Effective Spring 2019 season and moving forward, Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR) will implement/enforce the approved Athletic Permit Policy.(PDF, 772KB) 

The intent of the policy is to:


Rights of Appeal: You have the right to request a hearing to review issuance of the Administrative Citation by filing a Petition for Review with the Executive Director of Parks & Recreation along with the payment to the “Manager of Finance” of a nonrefundable $25.00 filing fee as specified in the Rules and Regulations Governing Hearings.  A Petition must be received by the Director of Parks & Recreation within (15) days after service of the Citation at the following address:

Executive Director of Parks & Recreation
201 W. Colfax Dept 601
Denver, CO 80202

The Petition must contain the information required as provided in the Rules and Regulation Governing the Use of Administrative Citations(PDF, 7MB) for the Enforcement of Article 1 Chapter 39 of the DRMC. Learn more about citations and appeals.

Appeal of Revocation of Permit for current season, Revocation or Loss of Historical Priority for the permit, and Loss of Future Permitting Privileges:

Rights of Appeal: A permit holder for an Athletic Field Permit has the right to appeal a revocation of the permit for the current season, revocation of loss of historical priority for the permit, and the loss of future permitting privileges.

How made: Appeal shall be made by submitting a written appeal to the Executive Director of Parks & Recreation stating the basis for the appeal and the requested relief. Such appeal must be received by the office of the Executive Director of Parks and Recreation no later than (5) business days after the date written notice is issued by the Parks Permit Office of an action which is appealable under this Policy.  Please send written appeals to:

Executive Director of Parks & Recreation
201 W Colfax Ave. Dept. 601
Denver, CO 80202

Or email to:

Decision and Notice: After review of the written appeal and consultation with the Parks Permit Office, other Department representatives, and other City Agencies as appropriate, the Executive Director will issue a written decision granting the appeal, granting the appeal with conditions, or denying the appeal. The decision of the Executive Director shall be the final administrative decision.


Forms & Other Details