Office of the City Forester

Denver Parks & Recreation's Forestry Office is responsible for trees in public parks, parkways and other public property. Denver’s street trees are under regulation of the City Forester, but their maintenance is a responsibility shared by adjacent property owners. Permits are required prior to the removal or planting of any street trees. Request a permit by sending an email to including a description of the work to be done.

The Office of the City Forester is responsible for:

  • The direct maintenance of public trees within parks and designated parkways
  • Oversight of privately maintained trees, per Municipal Code, Chapter 57, and taking actions to improve the overall quality of Denver’s urban tree canopy


2021 Tree Service License Renewals

The Office of the City Forester is no longer accepting renewal payments nor issuing renewal licenses.

Tree Service Licenses will be renewed and issued by the Denver Business Licensing Center, Department of Excise & Licenses. License holders may choose to renew their license via email/online, in person or by mail. During the last quarter of 2020, the Department of Excise & Licenses will be emailing current license holders instructions for renewal and payment processes.

Find more information from the Department of Excise & Licenses; Tree Service Licenses. 

Monaco Parkway: 1st to 6th Avenue

Diseased Tree Removal/Replacement on Monaco
The Office of the City Forester will be performing tree work on Monaco Parkway, between 1St Avenue and 6th Avenue, staged over the next 3 to 4 years. Many of the locust trees in this area of the Parkway are dying from thyronectria canker, an incurable disease common in locust trees in our area. The project will start this winter with removing the trees in the worst condition and continue over the next three to four years as trees continue to decline. Soon, you will begin to see trees in this area marked with a ribbon to indicate the need for removal and replacement. Starting in the spring of 2021, trees will be replaced with a mix of species. We request your help in maintaining the trees through supplemental watering and avoid wounding when mowing or trimming. Should you have any questions about tree care or the upcoming work being done, please email

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