Special Events: Emergency Medical Requirements

image of a first aid kit

Denver’s Department of Public Health and Environment (DDPHE) is responsible for regulating Emergency Medical Requirements for Special Events.

DDPHE has developed rules and regulations to provide emergency medical requirements (EMR) coordination at public events held on public property within the City and County of Denver and is necessary to protect public health. Event organizers and promoters must consider and take steps to mitigate potential hazards and vulnerabilities for events. These rules and regulations define the emergency medical requirements for special events of a certain size. The key component of this requirement is the development of a Health and Medical Plan (HMP).

Developing the Health and Medical Plan

The special event HMP must be submitted by the event organizer at least thirty (30) days prior to the event. DDPHE and Denver’s Emergency Medical Services provider will review the HMP to ensure that these plans meet the minimum standards for the size and type of event, as defined in the rules and regulations. The regulations provide a checklist for use in developing HMPs as well as a sample HMP.

At a minimum, final HMPs should include:

  1. Event Name
  2. Nature of the Event – identify the type of activities at the event (parade, festival, etc.)
  3. Participant Numbers – estimated total number of participants for the event.
  4. Onsite Medical Coverage and Assets – the size of the event determines required medical assets.
  5. Communications plan
  6. Ingress and Egress – entrance and exit points for an ambulance and emergency responders.
  7. Environmental Considerations - weather, shade, or cooling stations, water available, etc.

Emergency Medical Requirements Review

DDPHE and Denver’s Emergency Medical Services Provider will review the proposed HMP and either approve it or recommend changes to ensure the safety of persons attending a special event. The event organizer is required to comply with and implement the approved HMP for the special event.

Health and Medical Plan (HMP) Resources

DDPHE will meet with Special Event Organizers one-on-one to review health and medical plans and provide edits. Email DDPHEInformation@denvergov.org and request to schedule a meeting.