Suncor Refinery Permit is Up for Renewal

Published on April 13, 2021

Suncor is one of the largest emitters of SO2, NOx, CO, and VOC in Colorado. Because this large source has an appreciable impact on North Denver air quality, we requested that the State require Suncor to implement air monitoring in neighborhoods closest to the plant.  We also asked that Suncor report emissions from excess events more comprehensively so Denver staff and other organizations can understand the impact of these events in neighborhoods. While Suncor has been fined and ordered to fix equipment problems that cause these events over time, the refinery has made slow progress towards improvement. The latest settlement in 2020 with the State required Suncor to make up to $5 million in repairs to the facility to reduce these emission events. We asked that those repairs and follow-up reporting be required in the permit so we can track progress.

Denver will continue to provide comments on the permit at every opportunity. Much improvement is possible with the refinery and this permit renewal is not the only opportunity for the State to take more aggressive action. We will be engaging with the State in the long term even after this permit process. View general information on the Suncor permit renewal.

How to get involved:

There is a public hearing in front of the Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC) with opportunity for your input on May 1 (8am–10am) and May 4 (6pm-8pm). If you want to comment, you can sign up starting on April 20th. Find more information.

You can also submit written comments through April 26 by emailing

View the written public comments received to date here.